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Would you consider this a bad experience?

I don't wanna be one of those people who rant about a place for no reason, so I wanna ask you your opinion about what happened and you tell me if I'm right to be upset.

Macarons: I've been addicted to them since I discovered them. Always searching in Montreal for the best place.
After searching and testing, I discovered that Europea boutique on Notre-Dame have the best one.
I went there a couple times and was always happy with their selection and they always had plenty, no matter what time I was going.

But, the last two times I went, they only had a few flavor left and not the ones I like.
So, last time, I called to know when they would get the one I love. I was told Tuesday. (of last week)
Comes Tuesday, I call to make sure I wouldn't go downtown for no reason. (I live in the far end of the west-island)
The lady tell me that yes, they have plenty!
I get in my car, drive for an hour, only to see 4 macarons left in the whole store. I ask them what happened and one of the employe inform me that they only have the macarons there left and that she's making small boxes for a special order. I explain to her that I just called to make sure I wasn't coming here for no reason.
She smile and goes back to her things.
I was mad and left the store without answering the other employe who said "Aurevoir"

I wasn't expecting them to lay a plate of macaron for me, but just a "Sorry" or something.

So, is my experience a bad one or I'm just over reacting?

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  1. It's hard to say without having been there, but perhaps they didn't understand how far you were going to come just for that? Maybe you should have asked on the phone if they would put them aside for you until you came to pick them up?

    I hope you made a bit of a detour up to Maison du Macaron to meet your macarons fix! I know what serious business macarons are, trust me. :)

    1. Another factor to consider is at what time you called, and what time you arrived.

      if you called in the morning and only went to the shop in late afternoon, it'a normal in a way that there was only 4 of the ones you like left. Always better to show up early if you want to get the best selection.

      Also, as mainsqueeze mentionned, you should have asked if they could have put some aside for you to pick up a little later.

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        Agreed, you should definitely have asked if they could keep some since you'd be driving there anyway.

      2. When going distance to get something, always ask to put aside some of the "thing" you want, and ask for the person's name just to be on the safe side, and say what time you will be there.

        bad experience : yes, but not that much.
        lesson learned : yes.

        1. First I can truly understand your pain
          (not necessarily about macaroons - i don't care for 'em, but making the trip for nothing) I'd be PiiiSSSSSED.

          I also agree with everyone above.

          This type of thing has happened to me so much that I also try to prevent it in the first place - as people mentioned, explain yourself (the drive, etc), ask them to keep some aside for you, take names, make a credit card deposit, leave automatic weapons at home.

          1. Not a great experience, that's for sure. While you could have asked them to set some aside, they could also have been proactive in asking YOU if you wanted some set aside.

            I called up a bakery the other day to enquire about a specific pie I wanted, and they immediately responded by saying a) yes, they had it today, and b) did I want them to set one aside for me?

            I liked that!

              1. re: bigfellow

                I disagree. They could not be expected to hold on to their entire stock until the OP showed up, and even if they did, how would they identify him? Anyone could have gone into their store and bought up their entire stock right after the OP called.

                I agree with the others who said that the OP should have asked to have some put aside.

                1. re: souschef

                  They should have appoligized and arranged to get him (or her) some at the next earliest time. They also should have asked the client if they were going to come in and would like them to hold some for the client. It is called good service.
                  I expect it when I deal with a supplier and won't use a supplier (personally or professionally) if they can't trouble themselves to provide good service.

                  1. re: bigfellow

                    There is probably enough fault to go around but if the OP did not ask for them to put any aside how can Europea be responsible for having essentially sold out by the time he/she arrived. I would guess that if they volunteered to set things aside for everyone who calls, they would get stuck with a lot of uncollected merchandise at the end of the day that they would otherwise have sold.

                    1. re: eat2much

                      Gotta agree. Unless they know you, there's no way any perishable product business is going to hold stuff for you without a monetary guarantee. People bail all the time from their intentions to go pick things up. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush for any business.

                      1. re: everyonelovessushi

                        I've got to agree to disagree with you there. The shop is in the business of getting, and keeping customers. They are also selling a product. This isn't much good for their rep.

                        1. re: bigfellow

                          I totally agree that a business can really help it's success by getting and keeping customers with service that includes putting stuff aside for them to pick-up. It has to work for both sides though. There has to be some kind of deal in place, even if informal, where there's accountability.
                          We all know, in real life, there's a lot of talk with no action, and stuff ends up in the garbage as a result, metaphorically speaking.