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Sep 15, 2009 10:14 AM

Ramadan feast at Family Restaurant

I know lots of hounds like this very good Turkish place in Brookline Village, and I'm among them. But it was even more special to discover they currently have a special Ramadan menu with lots of excellent grilled fish (snapper, bass, mullet among others) and a number of intriguing turkish appetizers not usually on the menu. Its also a tremendous value (I think the three course special menu is something like 17.95). They make among the best breads you'll find anywhere, including at far more expensive restaurants. Service is cheerful and haphazard (sometimes English is a group interpretation!). They use halal meats and their shephard's salad (a cousin to the greek horataki and never mind the politics!) is first rate, their vegetables are fresh and simple, and a meal here, even when you know the place, seems like an unexpected treat each time we go. Just remember, the portions are enormous so either share or expect to take home tomorrow's lunch.

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  1. So I'm guessing that will end when Ramadan ends, on Saturday?

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    1. re: GretchenS

      I dunno, the special menu has a lot of extra dishes, it would be weird to just shut the whole thing down. Honestly I thought the "special ramadan dishes" part (mostly steam-table stews) were OK but the various fishes (illustrated with nice cartoons) were even more interesting.

    2. Do you know if they offer it all day long (during all open hours) or just after sunset?

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      1. re: chevrelove

        I dunno about lunchtime but it is certainly offered at pre-sunset dinnertime