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Sep 15, 2009 10:10 AM

easy to transport NY food gift ideas

I normally bring rugelach and mini black and white cookies when I travel abroad for work. Any other suggestions for some variety (no chocolate, as it's already plentiful where I'm going)? In addition to being something that travels well (i.e., needs to clear Security and Customs), whatever it is should serve, say, up to 40 or so people, and stay fresh for a couple of days. Finally, extra points for things *special* to NY. Oh, and would prefer something not particularly extravagant or costly.

Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. I just did this a couple of weeks ago for my trip to Chicago. I went to Ess-a-Bagel early the morning-of my flight and picked up 1/2 dozen bagels and 2 boxes of mini black and white cookies. The total came out to under $20. Everyone was very happy!

    1. Well this will be heavy to transport for 40 but my first idea was Bazzini nuts since those are easy to transport and don't require a lot of special handling. Not sure where you are going but someone I know brought them to her family in Southeast Asia and they loved them.

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        I like Bazzini's. That's a good idea - maybe a big bag of pistachio nuts (to squeeze in my checked luggage ...). Probably no time to head downtown before this trip but definitely a good idea for another time. Thanks!

      2. What about some Zabar's Russian coffee cake -- unlike bagels and other bakery goods actually a better IMO when a little stale. They could probably give you a large piece, on request, and wrap extra well for travel.

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            I still need to get to Momofuku to try out their cookies. I know, I know, I'm way behind the curve. But I like the idea of Momofuku cookies -- after I've first taste-tested all of them myself :)..

          2. Other ideas include French Macaroons in a variety of flavors (faves include Bouchon Bakery, Kee's) as well as biscotti from BiscoLatte in Hell's Kitchen, which has a ton of rotating flavors and have been quite successful as gifts in my experience. Another nice factor is that they do have a few no sugar added or nut-free ones for those with diabetes or allergies.

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              I second Bouchon - lots of delicious nibbles to go, all prepackaged.

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                The idea of a nut free macaron is intriguing - what do they use in place of almond flour and does it have the same light, airy consistency? I have allergic friends who would be all over this.

                Also I ditto the suggestion and rec Madeline Patisserie macarons to bring as gifts - the caramel fleur de sel rocks my world. I actually think they improve after 1 day or so because sometimes they are too chewy and floral when fresh. Kee's is excellent and will keep about 3 days. Unless you eat all of them first :)

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                  Oops, sorry, it is only BiscoLatte that has varieties of goodies for people with food allergies. Not sure if Bouchon has anything. I should have clarified better...