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Sep 15, 2009 10:08 AM

Trip to Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back? (moved from Ontario board)

I'm going to Buffalo N.Y. in early Oct. and was looking to do some grocery shopping for things that I can't get here in Toronto. An example would be frozen pearl onions and oyster crackers. What would you bring back because you can't find it here?

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  1. Beer. Just beer. Various USA micros and European beers that the LCBO doesn't bring in.

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    1. re: lister

      The beer selection at Premier Gourmet is amazing. Look for some french cider. Keep your fingers crossed they don't check your car, duty can pack a wallop.

      1. re: dubchild

        Beers of the World in Rochester is even more amazing. Huge selection!

        I always report what I'm bringing back. So far I haven't been dinged for duties and taxes.

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          Speaking of wallop, the Victory Hop Wallop is also great and available at Premier Gourmet!

          I find when I cross, as long as the only alcohol you have is beer, they never make you pay duties. I don't necessarily tell them the price I paid on beer (I would say the price if they ask), but I just say I bought beer. If they ask how much I say the number of bottles. They probably assume you paid $15 for a case of Bud Light.

      2. No food shopping experience in Buffalo is complete without a trip up (and down, and possibly back again) along the breakfast cereal aisle. While there, seek out Quisp: Hard to find, but worth the trouble, if only for the retro appeal. My wife describes it Cap'n Crunch without the roof-of-your-mouth damage.

        1. Nathan's hot dogs
          Goya Curry rice
          Jeni-O turkey links
          Bacardi Rum Runner mix
          Stouffer's french bread pizza

          1. Take a cooler with you - Haagen Dazs flavours that aren't available here are always on my list!

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              and they're a lot cheaper in Buffalo.

            2. Good Season's Italian Salad Dressing (the kind that comes in an envelope and you mix with oil and vinegar)...I really like this stuff...a childhood memory for me...used to be able to get it in Canada but not now...always stock up on it when I'm in the States

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