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Sep 15, 2009 09:56 AM

Pierres bistro mpls mn

We are going for dinner on Thrusday night. Any recommendations?

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  1. liney, have you ever eaten there? was it recommended, or just looks good to you. I kind of like the menu, seems pretty authentic French, but somehow when I walk in there is some kind of weird vibes. Last time I could smell cigarette smoke in the bar area, which told me that some employee was smoking in the restaurant, not very impressive. Let us know if you do go, there might be some discussion on chowhound if you do a search, nothing very recent though.

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      Husband picked it. Will let you know how it is

    2. I highly recommend the baked brie in puff pastry as well as the mushroom tart. We most recently ate there a few months ago and thought it was delicious. We only live about four blocks from there and are always disappointed it doesn't get more publicity. Cave Vin up the road is quite good as well and a little more bistro/casual than Pierre's. Enjoy!

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        thanks swmsp- I'm glad to hear they have some good things--that motivates me to save my money and try it sometime. I suppose the 'weird vibes' could be the quirky French thing...not necessarily indicator of bad food.

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          Faith -- in this case I think you should trust your gut instinct. For the same price, there is much better food to be eaten.

          My wife and I have traveled pretty extensively around France, and the one time we tried Pierre's, we left disappointed that none of what we ordered seemed authentic. Even the bread was sadly disappointing. Not only did it not taste authentic (which we are not total sticklers on), it just wasn't very memorable -- at least, in our experience. For that pricepoint, it should really stand out.

          Vincent's is a much better representation of French. Same goes for Meritage. If you're looking to stay in the neighborhood, Heidi's, just a few blocks up 50th from Pierre's -- while not exclusively French -- is representative of French technique, and you will come away with a better meal for lower cost.

          1. re: chrismpls

            thanks chris-

            I have been to Vincent and Meritage and not been very whelmed with either of I went to happy hour at Vincent, was kind of hungry and ordered a goat-cheese stuffed pappadew pepper appetizer. I recently really enjoyed a roasted pepper stuffed with herb/garlic mascarpone at Broder's deli , and decided the Broder's take was much better. Those pappadew peppers are really cute and all but they are just soaked in sugar---drowns out most of the pepper flavor. I said something about it to the bartender, very politely, suggesting they consider the Broder's version, and the bartender informed me that these were quite popular with their customers so it wasn't likely they'd be changed. Kind of a snotty response. As an afterthought, he said he'd pass on my comment. Somehow sugary peppers don't seem like anything the French would be eating, but I do believe they'd be popular with the corporate crowd that attends their happy hour. I've also had the chickpea fries-- kind of weird and bland and mushy.
            I've eaten dinner there several times over the years and nothing much stands out enough to make me want to go there , except some very good cream of cauliflower soup I once had. I got a nicoise salad to go once, thinking they would do a good job on it, and was disappointed that they used very boring winter type tomatoes in it...also when I've asked if they use free range/naturally raised meats, I've been told no. To me, something is missing...

      2. Well we had dinner last night and we amazing and wonderful. Started out with a lovely cheese platter a bargain at $9.95. Wonderful cheeses with large portions. Would order it again in a second. One friend had the mushroom tart with salad lynoise. She raved about both and I could see why. Tart had good quality mushrooms with a rice flavorful sauce. The salad had a wonderfully poached egg and great bacon. I had the duck confit. Perfectly cooked with crispy skin and tender on the inside. My husband the birthday boy had the peppercorn rib eye. Nicely cooked and it was huge. We then split a crème caramel with grilled pound cake. Overall quality was amazing. Portions large and service was perfection. We will go back.

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        1. re: liney714

          thanks for the good report liney- after thinking about all the discussion, I realized what I am wishing for is a place that does dishes that have some resemblance to traditional French food, even maybe what you would get in a bistro, not necessarily the most fancy haute stuff. Like a good coq au vin. Pierre's menu at least looks more like that than Vincent or Meritage or anywhere I can think of.. maybe Cave Vin should be included although I've never eaten there. I would like to check out Pierre's and will report when I do. Glad you had a good time.

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            have reservation at Cave Vin tonight - its been a couple years since Ive been there..anyone eaten there lately?

            1. re: swiglet

              It's delicious. One of my favorite neighborhood places, we go often.