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Coming into Seattle for a 2nd time next week and would like to try to visit places I haven't eaten at yet. BBQ isn't the obvious choice for Seattle I will admit, none the less that is what I am craving.

Two places look pretty good.

Chuck's Hole in the Wall and Longhorn. Both in Pioneer Square. Which one is more chow worthy? ... Also, can some one tell me a little about that BBQ Truck that I've seen mentioned a few times on this board? Would that be the best choice?


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  1. I think that Longhorn may have pulled up stakes, but it doesn't matter, both are terrible.

    I haven't tried this BBQ truck, but hope to do so soon:



    I'm not impressed by this BBQ truck:


    I'd send you to Pecos Pit south of downtown if you were free for a weekday lunch and had a car.


    If you have a car but no weekday lunches available, go to Pig Iron BBQ, further south of downtown.


    Unfortunately, there's no worthwhile BBQ downtown, or even in Belltown (hear me, Frontier Room/Cafe).

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    1. re: not the bad Steve

      Agree, don't waste your time with Longhorn or Hole in the Wall.
      If you're gonna be in Pioneer Square for lunch, why not Tat's, Bakemann's or even the obvious Salumi, if you have the time.

      As a visitor why are you so set on BBQ?
      I wouldn't go to Texas and look for salmon...
      (it's another thing if you lived here and were looking for a acceptable fix)

      1. re: GreenYoshi

        I have been to Salumi. I agree, it is INCREDIBLE and I will eat there again. (even though my goal is to try new places) I was just in Seattle in May.

        I said that I knew BBQ wasn't the obvious choice, but so a thread about BBQ on Yelp and was intrigued.

        But I disagree with your "Salmon in Texas" attitude. I live in Boise, and people think all we eat are potatoes! (They don't realize 95% of those potatoes are exported) Anyway, we have Pizza here! There is a place downtown that has one of the BEST NY style pizza I ever had (and I am no stranger to NY) - I want tourists to know that!

        Don't you want Seattle tourists to go off the beaten path? How was I supposed to know your BBQ sucked?

        By the way, I will be walking and taking the bus. No car.

        1. re: boisenewbie

          I'd like to second GreenYoshi's suggestion to have lunch at Bakeman's. This is a genuine Seattle institution, and both the turkey and meatloaf sandwiches there are superb. Bakeman's bakes its own bread fresh daily. They also roast turkeys every day. This is no processed turkey sandwich. It is fresh carved off of a whole turkey and the meat is moist and delicious. You can choose either all dark meat, all white meat, or a combination of the two. Don't forget to add some cranberry sauce. Also, the turkey noodle soup, made from the bones and carcasses of the turkeys, is rich and packed with flavor. It isn't BBQ, but it's a classic Seattle lunch spot. Another big plus is that it is inexpensive.

          1. re: Tom Armitage

            I plan to go there! I didn't make it last time I was in town (Seriously, You guys are really spoiled with all the places you have to eat!) The only place I will make a repeat stop is Salumi because it was extraordinary - but every other place I eat at will be new. ... I have 5 days/4 nights on this trip. I am making a list where I really need to go. (I arrive on Monday)
            I was thinking RoRo's because I want to explore Fremont and Paseo is closed on Mondays (and I do have a BIG craving for BBQ (left Georgia 2 years ago) but maybe I better just skip the BBQ.

            Too many other places to eat I guess. :-)

            BTW, I will be going to Paseo on Tuesday

    2. Unless things have changed there is no good BBQ in Seattle. The last good place was Hills Brothers and they went downhill after Mrs Hills died. I haven't tried Gert's yet but if it follows the Seattle standard it won't cut it. I also haven't had a chance to try Willie's it might be OK.

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      1. re: Bubbamike

        Naw, if you're one of these "There's No Good **** in Seattle" people, you're not going to like Willie's or Gert's.

        (Have you been up to Gabriel's Fire?
        Or that one place up in Woodinville?

        1. re: GreenYoshi

          Thanks for making up my mind for me. There are lots of different types of Q and Seattle may have a native style for Salmon it doesn't have one for beef or pork. And the best of other region's have not migrated here. So we generally get mediocre Q. I like Pecos but it is a sandwich place. They do a good job but to me it is ribs that make Q. I like a sauce or rub that is peppery and hot but still tasty. I haven't found that here since the demise of Hill's Brothers. There used to be a decent place on 23rd and Cherry run by a merchant mariner that did decent Q, but he would close up shop and go back to sea every so often and then he died.

          I'm not sure what place in Woodinville. I remember when people praised Armidillio and I went and it was, "Meh." YMMV. I'll have to try Gabiel's Fire when I get a chance.

          My main advise is stay away from Porter and anything he has his hand into.

          1. re: Bubbamike

            Pecos is a sandwich place, but their sliced brisket is solid, you gotta agree with that right? (although like many places, they sometimes don't slice it right...)

            I don't recall Gabriel's Fire's ribs being all that great actually.
            If you're specifically a rib guy, Teddy Bear up in Monroe or Duvall does pretty good ribs.
            Some places, say Jones, if you catch'em on the right day, at the right time can be really good, but other times, not so much. I think that's the biggest thing about BBQ around here, no one has any good consistency, but some places can nail it every once in a while. (yeah, yeah, blind squirrel, nut... yada yada)

            1. re: GreenYoshi

              I've had OK Q at Jones, but never knock your socks Q there and I've had bad Q there as well. I might mosey up to Monroe and check it out.

              1. re: GreenYoshi

                I forced a group of coworkers from Issaquah to take the long drive to Peco's for my birthday lunch last week, and the hot sliced beef brisket (spiked) was spot on. Most of us have been there multiple times before, but the first-timers also seemed to enjoy it. It seems that their spicy heat is of more a black peppery origin than a cayenne, or chili origin. This works for me, I appreciate their heavy application if black peppercorns. The heat is a slow burn, that that intensifies the more you work through the sandwich.

                Cash only, lunch only, weekday only, sandwich only. The beans and the “spiked” sausage are optional, but should be mandatory as well.

                1. re: GreenYoshi

                  GreenYoshi's note aove is the most rigt-on I have ever seen in Seattle BBQ posts -- Pecos, Teddy Bear are regional landmarks. Manna Smoked BBQ in N. Seattle his another personal favorite -- I've been eating there for 13+ years.
                  All these negative postings are useless if objective, repeatable problems aren't highlighted. Do any of these people ever give feedback to the proprietors?

            2. re: Bubbamike

              Hill's Brothers was for real. I've never had better. Standing in the service area with the wonderful odors was the sweetest anticipation. The story that I have heard is that when LBJ was in town he called city councilor Sam Smith to find out the best Q place and that he sent the secret service fellows there. Maybe Hill's Brothers deserves it's own thread.

            3. Best place I've had in this city: http://www.yelp.com/biz/r-and-l-home-...

              Consistent and delicious.

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              1. re: blackjsus

                The Home is where I like to get my brisket (tender) fix. Go with the dinner, 2 extra pieces of wonderbread, a sauce on the side (hot is very hot), and make yourself some brisket tacos with the bread. Good stuff.

                1. re: blackjsus

                  This is the first time I've seen R&L mentioned on this board. Curious. Would you reccomend anything besides the brisket?

                  1. re: equinoise

                    Equinoise, R&L knows how to make very good (not great) BBQ; their problem is inconsistency in the pork product. (A common concern in the Northwest.) One of the main reasons BBQ is so poor in this region is the quality of the pork that is available compared to pork in Tennesee or the Carolinas. (Just like Kansas City and Chicago have great beef and Seattle has outstanding Salmon.) It's hard to make a great product when you start with mediocre meat. We'll never be a threat to Memphis.

                    1. re: Leper

                      I tried R&L and found that while the brisket was very tender, the ribs were dry, with a hard, lacquered outer surface that was no good. We ordered sauce on the side, and I appreciate the hot version being as advertised. The collard greens were very good though, and the beans and corn bread tasty, the latter a bit dry. I'd go back and only get brisket and sides.

                    2. re: equinoise

                      I recently had a good meal at R&L. The ribs were really good. Some of the better ones I've had. I didn't think the chicken was all that good.

                      I like Casper's Taste of the South for ribs and sides. They are totally different style. Smoky but in the falling off the bone tender style. The sides are really good... Fried okra and sweet potato fries. I'm still going to go back to try the brisket and maybe the fried peppers or fried pickles. Casper was walking around with a plate of begniets when I was there and they were good if a bit oily.

                      1. re: equinoise

                        I'll second the chicken not being worth it, and the pork being hit-or-miss. Brisket is good.

                        Also, if you're looking for good BBQ and could get outside of Seattle, Teddy Bear BBQ in Monroe is dern tasty. http://www.teddybearbbq.com/

                    3. I lived in Kansas City for many years and took great BBQ for granted. Now that I live in the Northwest I would like to have some good BBQ but have yet to find it. I have heard that the Pecos Pit and Pig Iron are good but have yet to try them. Stan's in Issaquah was recommend to me and I tried it last week but I would not recommend it.

                      1. Pecos Pit is my favorite for BBQ sandwiches.

                        1. If you are up for a bit of a roadtrip, try Speedway BBQ in Lacey (near Olympia) for some excellent Que. :) I wouldn't waste your time trying to find good BBQ in Seattle (do some searches on the board and you'll be able to read all about the fruitless searches of others). If you do go to Pig Iron, make sure to try their sides - they're what really shine, imo (try the jalapeno spinach casserole!).

                          1. If I am not cooking my own, I go to Jones Barbeque, for the familiar scent of smoky tomato-sauced barbecue.

                            The meat is so tender, it just falls off the bone!~!!

                            The tangy sauce adorns pork, beef, chicken and even house-made hotlinks. They have little to prove with the continued deliciousness of their food, you can try all the others and there will be no comparison, They are the best BBQ in Seattle, in my humble opinion - next to mine...

                            They also have three locations, one downtown and two in the Central District.


                            Be well,

                            1. Gabriel's Fire is my favorite in this area. I like the ribs and the pork shoulder. The brisket is hit or miss, but can be quite good. The chicken is so-so. Try the meat without the sauce. They give you an ample cup of sauce, but the meat doesn't need it. I like their chipotle sauce... and I save it to put on vegetables.

                              The BBQ truck... I think the food is pretty good, but not really the thing for a barbecue craving. It's chef food, not pit food. The pulled pork sandwich is nice.

                              1. I'm not gonna be the "There's no good Q in Seattle guy" but if you're used to real Texas, KC or NC barbeque, you're not going to find anything as good as that here. Pecos Pit is OK, Pig Iron doesn't seem to smoke their meats and all of the Porter stuff is pretty mediocre. I'll give the R&L Home place a shot since it seems as if people like it.

                                Anyway, my suggestion is to get a cheap smoker and make it yourself. All you need is a good recipe and a lot of time and patience. I have a propane smoker (I know, I know...some say you need a wood fire to have true Q) and turn out some of the best Q I've ever had. If you really need to get your fix (like I did when I moved here), do it yourself and you'll be happy.

                                  1. I tried reading this thread again - Did any one mention RoRo BBQ ? I don't see it mentioned. How is it? ... It appears it changed its name from Rowdy Cowgirl quite a while ago, but the website is STILL up for Rowdy Cowgirl and if you Google it it still comes up as RC

                                    That is so ODD! What's up with that?

                                    It got good reviews on Yelp though (but so did the original places I mentioned.)

                                    I still want BBQ - even if only half way decent. I miss Sonny's BBQ in Atlanta SO BAD!

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                                    1. re: boisenewbie

                                      sonny's is a franchised chain so you can open one yourself - it's decent enough that it would be the best bbq in seattle

                                      1. re: howard 1st

                                        Well, there is no Sonny's in the West - and I now live in Boise. I lived in Atlanta for 30+ years ... and Sonny's (regional chain or not) was some of the best BBQ there. (I didn't say "the best")
                                        Please don't talk down to me just because you have different tastes than I do.

                                        We have Dickey's BBQ here in Boise, but I don't care for it . (Mostly because the owner is a terrible person)

                                        But geesh, we are getting off topic here. I didn't want to start a discussion on Sonny's!! I just said I missed it.

                                        No one bothered answering my question about RoRo's.

                                    2. Has anybody been to Carolina Kitchen in Redmond? Drove by today and had never noticed it before. The sign mentioned Carolina-style 'cue.

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                                      2. Boisenewbie, sorry that some people seem to want to talk down to you....ignore them! You asked a legitimate question and I believe you deserve to get answers. We all have different tastes, so any recommendations are relative. You will get some decent food at Pecos Pit, (outside eating, or take out only) and Pig Iron is good in my opinion. Please don't give up on our BBQ, and give one of these a try if you can while here. Enjoy!
                                        PS-thanks for the Boise recommendations too.

                                        1. An occasional daily special at the Swinery, pork ribs are what pork ribs can be.
                                          Good smoke, lovely dark, dense bark, a tug away from the bone, housemade sauce - ooh, la la.
                                          I hit the jackpot the other day at the Swnery on Main and scarfed up a slab of ribs.
                                          I think I'll suggest they do a feed on the special of the day, otherwise I'm going to have to pass by there every day to see what the specials are.