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Sep 15, 2009 09:16 AM

Great Pizza near Mystic

I would love to have a great, just regular pizza near Westerly, Mystic area. I love The Place, but want more of just a normal pizza. Not fond of Apizzo, Mystic Pizza is not always consistant. I believe there is another pizza place across from Margarita's in Mystic that I heard was good. Any thoughts?

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  1. You're thinking of Pizzetta. I haven't been, but people say its good, expensive, thin crust pizza. In Mystic I have had decent (though not great) pizza at Pizza Grille which is just off Exit 90 Southbound.

    1. I have had good pizza (not great or amazing) at a new place in New London, 2 Wives Pizza. They are not far off Exit 83. They've been open six months or so and the toppings are plentiful and fresh. Worth the trip.

        1. I live in Mystic and frequent Pizzetta one or twice a month. I really enjoy it. Try the one with pesto. It's not the most amazing pizza but it really good and the service is quick.

          1. I would second Two Wives in downtown New London. Apizzo in Westerly at the railroad bridge is good. I like to sit in front and watch everybody go by.

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              Gotta disagree about Apizzo (which is in Pawcatuck, not Westerly). I find their pizza rather dry and flavorless. They boast top quality ingredients, which I don't doubt, but they're very stingy with those ingredients.

              Will try Pizzetta based on above recommendations. But my favorite local is still Pizza Place in downtown Westerly.

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                I agree with you totally! I sometimes just feel like having just regular pizza. The Place does great creative pizza but it does not do a great tomato cheese sort of pizza.

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                  I really wanted to like Apizzo but they are a little over the top on the gourmet angle. You pay a lot and thus expect a lot - and in the end - I don't think it's worth it. After taking a couple bites, I discovered some salt was necessary (which is problematic in itself) which did help out tremendously - but still - the price is a problem. The pizza is better than a bunch of the pizzas one finds in that neck of the woods - but they need to tweak some things to make everything happen.