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Sep 15, 2009 08:56 AM

Chopped Chicken Liver - Danbury, CT area

Is there any place around Danbury/Brookfield/New Milford to get Chopped Chicken Liver. I doesn't have to be the best in the world or like Grandma used to make (since my Grandma never made it) - just something pretty good that I can chow on over the weekend on some Ritz.

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  1. ouch - tough order... I used to buy terrific Chopped Liver at Balducci's in Ridgefield, but now they've closed. And Caraluzzi's used to make it but doesn't anymore.

    Have you tried Stew's or Trader Joe's?

    Last year I made my own for one holiday and went to Rye Ridge Deli in Fairfield to pick some up for the second holiday.... I'm afraid the Danbury/Brookfield/New Milford triangle might just be a little too goyische for good chopped liver! (But let me know if you find any...)

    1. If you're willing to come down to Westport, Gold's Deli on Post Road has a good version of chopped chicken liver. Also, their Lean Pastrami which you can buy by the pound in the deli section is To Die For (not the same as what they serve on their sandwiches, which in my mind tends to be too fatty). As far as I know, neither TJs nor Stews sell chopped chicken liver.

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        Stew's in Danbury does carry chopped liver.

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          Do you know where (i.e. Deli section, cole slaw area across from the deli, etc)?

          1. re: HunterJay

            Yes, right across from the deli, case where you get egg salad, chicken salad.

            If memory serves, that is. :-)

            You can also go right to the Stew Leonard's website and send your query to them directly.