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Sep 15, 2009 08:37 AM

Animal tonight!

Dining here tonight. What should I not miss?

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  1. foie gras with maple sausage gray and biscuit

    oxtail or shortrib with cheddar and fries poutine

    foie gras loco moco.

    strawberry shortcake

    tres leches cake

    fried quail.

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    1. re: kevin

      A big second for the foie gras w/biscuit, the poutine, and especially the fried quail.

      Haven’t tried the loco moco, or the pork belly sandwiches everyone raves about yet, but I’m still a big fan of the melted petit basque, and their seasonal salads are always fantastic.

      The only dish I’d definitely stay away from, though there are plenty of people who seem to like it, is the balsamic pork ribs. In a restaurant where virtually everything else is a huge hit, the $37 ribs just left me cold.

      N.B. Don’t be afraid to sample whatever seafood dishes they have going, those also tend to impress. And you can take or leave the bacon chocolate dessert. Fun to try but certainly not the be all.


      1. re: wutzizname

        i was only there in february but they had a pork belly with kimchi that knocked my ass off.

        everything was fantastic...but particularly the pork belly, foie, and poutine.

    2. Its all good, but I love the fois gras biscuit and gravy and the pork belly with kim che.

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      1. re: rednyellow

        Another recommendation for the foie gras with biscuit. This was my favorite dish of the year. Although, I noticed the second time I went there the foie has gotten a lot smaller.

        You can see some pics from our night there a while back.

      2. I was there last night for my birthday dinner and it was fantastic, as always. They have Jolly Pumpkin bam biere by the glass or the bottle and it's such a fantastic beer and not that easy to find. Definitely get it if you're a beer drinker. Two of us shared the pigs' ears with fried egg (even if you think you don't like pig ears, you really should try these. awesome texture and flavor and the creaminess of the yolk over the top was really incredible), the pork belly sliders (these are as good as everyone says), the sweetbreads (right up there with the best sweetbreads I have ever had and I order sweetbreads pretty much every time I see them on the menu. These were absolutely perfectly cooked and sitting atop lovely creamed spinach. My only complaint was that the saltiness of the capers in this dish somewhat overwhelmed), and the loco moco (generous portion of foie and the beef in the burger patty was cooked to perfection). Had the tres leches for dessert and it was also delicious.

        I love the fried hominy, the melted petit basque and the pork belly with kim chee. oh, and the fried quail is AMAZING! Though the poutine is wonderful, be forewarned that it's incredibly rich and a huge portion so maybe something that's better to order to share for a group rather than if you're just dining with another person.

        Have fun! I'd happily go back all over again tonight...

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        1. re: mollyomormon

          Okay, "mom" - thanks for getting my gastric responses churning so early in the day! ;-D> Now you've got me craving another session at the hands of those "Animal's!"

          1. re: Servorg

            I love this board! Thanks everyone, so far. I am compiling a list and saving my appetite. I'll report back after the dinner.

          2. re: mollyomormon

            Hi mollyomormon,

            Happy Birthday! :)

            Wow, they added Pig Ears on the menu?! Just when I thought I could take a break from Animal... I have to go back. :) Thanks.

            1. re: mollyomormon

              Slightly belated Happy Birthday, MOM! Is the Jolly Pumpkin the one in the 750ml bottle? I had dinner at Animal the week before last and, as I was leaving, someone at the other end of the bar ordered an unusual looking bottle of beer at the bartender's recommendation but I did not catch the name.

              1. re: New Trial

                Thank you for the birthday wishes!! Yes, pig ears are on the current menu and it was easily among the best dishes I've eaten this year. Even my dining companion, who wasn't so sure initially about the idea, loved them. And yep, the Jolly Pumpkin is the beer in the 750ml bottle. The bottle looks like this in case you ever notice it out and about:
                Daily Pint has it right now as well. It's really excellent beer.

            2. Is this a "nice" restaurant.. as far as ambiance?

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              1. re: broncophil

                I would say it's "pleasingly austere" in the sense that it is unadorned and functional, which appeals to my taste for non froufrou type restaurants. It's certainly not an Ortolon type of interior space, if that's what one is looking for.