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Sep 15, 2009 08:00 AM

Need help with baby shower foods

I'm in charge of some of the more substantial dishes for an evening appetizers and mocktails baby shower. So far we have mock mimosas and arnold palmers to drink. We'll have some sort of cake. We've got cheese and crackers plate and some fresh fruit.

I've been asked to make the pillsbury crescent roll veggie "pizza", which is basically that ersatz dough cooked, and then topped with an herbed cream cheese mixture and cut up fresh veggies. Not anything I'd choose to make, but it's been requested, so whatever.

The real problem is what to make for a more substantial app. My restrictions are it has to be precooked the night before and then reheated in an oven the next evening for the shower. I was kicking around making some chicken wings, either apricot glazed or seasame/soy glazed. How do you think these would stand up to being reheated? Also, has anyone made that veggie pizza and how did that stand up to being eaten the next day? Thanks!

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  1. How about doing some cocktail meatballs? They can be prepared the day before and reheated and kept warm in a crockpot.....they are always a hit at any potluck or dinner party that I've had.....people of all ages love them, even people who say they don't eat meat! You can just do basic meatball recipe from lean ground beef, cook them in the oven until firmed up, then put some jams/jellies/sauces into your crockpot along with the cooked meatballs.....I've found a combination of chili sauce/apricot jam/grape jelly or plum sauce works could really try anything as long as it tastes good to you! Try it, you won't be, it's quite economical...and good party food as people can use toothpicks/party picks to pick them up! Good luck with your baby shower!

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      These work really well and can be served at room temp. I served at a shower with greek yogurt and mint sauce and it was a hit.

      I used a mixture of lamb and veal because that is what i had on hand.

      Chicken satay skewers are also easy and can be served room temp.

      Spanish tortilla is great room temp (egg/potato pancake).

    2. If you are short on time, have you tried Aidell's teriyaki pineapple meatballs from costco? They are precooked and require only a quick heatup the day of. Served with lettuce leaves for wrapping, some quickly pickled daikon and carrot if you like, shredded green onion, or not even. Just a suggestion if you are in a rush. I have reheated chicken wings and they kind of stick together unattractively. But maybe that's just me!

      1. I'm always requested to make mini fritattas for events like these. They're best made the night before and reheated (or not- they're fine room temp.) the next day.

        Bj's/Costco sells eggs by the five dozen, which makes things convenient and cost effective. I just pick some herbs from my garden, grab whatever cheese I'm feeling and sautee up some onions/potatoes and voila! They're always the first thing to go.

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          Great idea. I made these once for a party, and split the egg mixture into 3 parts and did different veg in each. Served them room temp and everyone loved them.

        2. Oh yeah, forgot to add that no crockpot available, so meatballs are out. But thanks for the suggestions!