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Sep 15, 2009 07:26 AM

Columbus, Ohio Sunday night

Hi Everyone, I will be taking my daughter to OSU Sunday . She starts classes on Monday. I would like to take her out for a nice dinner on Sunday night, any suggestions.

Thank you.

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  1. What do the two of you like? Columbus is a wonderful restaurant town with all sorts of options. Not sure if it's open on Sunday evenings, but Spagio in Grandview was always vibrant and delicious. I'm a huge fan of Cameron's in Linworth--it's consistent, the menu always has great options. If you want to stay close to campus, Alana's on High Street is good, or Cap City Diner on Olentangy is good--not diner like at all.

    If you have specifics in mind, let us know. Hope your daughter has a wonderful time at Ohio State--I'm a proud Buckeye grad and ex-employee.

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    1. re: fatladysings

      No Specifics, she likes all food, would prefer to stay somewhat close to campus

    2. Alana's is closed on Sunday night. I was gonna suggest Sage American Bistro but they too are closed on Sundays and serve only Brunch.
      I'd like to suggest Third and Hollywood in the Grandview area-they are a new restaurant with great farm local cuisine on the menu. G. Michael's Bistro or Lindey's in German Village is also serving up great meals.
      Too bad some other really good restaurants are closed in Sundays.
      Good luck!

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      1. re: nemis

        I like the farm to table concept, but i have heard conflicting reviews of 3rd & hollywood. What's the real scoop ?

      2. My son is a Buckeye, so we're up there often for meals. I second Cap City Diner -- good food and close to campus. Otherwise, we're big fans of Barcelona in German Village, a Chowhound recommendation we first tried when we took my son to orientation. If the weather's nice, eat on the patio. I think Sunday's are half-price wine.

        Is she a freshman? Then she won't want to spend much time with her parents her first night at school. Go to North Market -- lots of choices there, including good Vietnamese and ice cream.

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        1. re: johnbycz

          Barcelona sounds great. She is a freshman, but I think girls don't mind hanging around with their parents as much as boys do.

          1. re: jderethik

            Looks like Barcelona has Live music on Sundays and wine that sold at retail price, NOT half. Check them out at
            I'd go to G Michael's before Barcelona..... but that's just me.
            I think Third and Hollywood is a delight! A bit expensive yes, but worth the price, they have a fantastic starter of Grilled Artichokes and Mustard dipping sauce.

        2. As most restaurants in Cbus are not open on Sundays I'd place a strong recommendation for Lindey's but an even stronger one for Luce Enoteca up in Powell.

          I've been to (and thoroughly reviewed here and in my blog) much of the local fine-dining scene but have not yet been to G. is next on my very short local list.