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Sep 15, 2009 07:24 AM

Help me feed my meat & potatoes husband in Barcelona

Will be in Spain for 10 days & the last part of the trip will be spent in Barcelona. Hubby will be craving red meat by then. Any suggestions?

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  1. Go to an asador which specializes in roast meats and steaks. There are a few in Barcelona though not as good as those in Madrid. Los Asadores, Asador del Mar and Asador de Burgo are decent. Don't expect huge cuts of prime aged steak served in American steak houses such as Peter Luger, Morton's, etc. These Spanish institutions are great for roast lamb and suckling pigs and decemt steaks.

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      If you make it to Cerveceria Catalana (see the many posts on this board for more info on this place) get the veal sirloin tapa. It is a small filet mignon on a piece of good bread. Three of those and an order of the house fried potato is a great and cheap way to do meat and potato there.