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Sep 15, 2009 06:11 AM

who's blogging charlotte food?

I'm updating my list of food-related blogs in the Charlotte area (actually, I'm game for anyone in the Piedmont.) I'm curious if there is a blog I should have my list?

Not counting the nationals like chowhound et al southern boards, the N.C. ones I currently follow are:

Varmint Bites
Seasoned in the South
Moose Munchies
Femine Wiles
Eat at Joes
Charlotte Spoon
Charlotte Food Blog
Indie NC
Prospero's Kitchen sustainable foods

Am I missing a good one?

To clean up my list, I've noticed some that appear to be inactive or rarely update. Any news on these?
Kitchen Confit (no post since December 2008).
Godfather of Lunch (no post since May 11, 2009)
Mama-licious (no post since June 30, 2009)
Charlotte Local Food (no post since March 25, 2009; owner is looking for contributors)
Culinarily Obsessed (nothing since May 29, 2008)

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  1. is a good one though Durham centric

    1. Kathleen - thanks for posting this. I had not seen Charlotte Spoon. Jessica and GFL need to update theirs!

        1. re: bar8ara

          Thanks for the mention Bar8ara! I'd like to add another blog to the list. The Charlotte Food Ghost. http://thecharlottefoodghost.blogspot...

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. And sorry, I forgot to include this one, a Davidson vegetarian who blogs about cooking for her meat-eating husband: