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Sep 15, 2009 05:55 AM

Stamford's Tabouli Grill -- Fresh

Everything we had at lunch was just as fresh as the new grill that officially opened on Monday, replacing Margot at the Bulls Head strip mall. My delicious felefal in pita came stuffed with an israeli salad and tahini. And I added ingredients from small serving bowls of pickeled cabbage, a Yeminite hot sauce with cilantro, jalopena, and olive oil, and dill pickle slices. Also the eponymous tabouli on the plate. My partner had the felefal platter, replete with a delicous smooth hummus and a side of Megadarra, a tasty combination of sweet rice, carmalized onions, and green lentils. The baklava was generous, sweet and nutty and baked on premises.

As opposed to Layla and Myrna, this is a pita based middleeastern rather than wrap driven. I found my falafel sandwich less dense than the others, and somehow, there's that word again, fresher. I do prefer Layla's baklava, which are just the best I've ever had -- any where in the world. We checked out the brownie, which looked good, but did not have frosting and nuts -- which I like in a brownie.

This is Israli MiddleEastern, where as the othera are Lebanese.

There's a nice writeup on the menu of the auspices behind Tabouli -- one Judy Roll, with serious credentials from CIA (california), Wolfgang's Spago, and her own very successful and highly regarded bakery at the JCC on Newfield.

The menu offerings are bit too small. Just like the napkins (Judy agreed) But I have a hunch this place could be a big hit. There is a nice no nonsence simplicity here.

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  1. Thanks for the write up louuuuu. Since it's walking distance from my house, I'm looking forward to checking it out.

    What were the prices like? Do you recall?

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      Their website has a sample menu with prices - I imagine this is their actual menu since they only just opened, but I haven't stopped by to check it out yet (hoping to this weekend!)

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        1. Judy Roll does not own nor does she have relationship or affiliation with Sweet on You, the highly regarded bakery you mention located inside the JCC.

          1. I agree with Louuuu's review. Fresh, delicious and, best of all, close to my work!

            I have had lunch (take out) from there twice now, and both meals were very good.

            Even my Dad loved the baba ganoush ... something he usually detests.

            A very welcome addition to the rather thin Stamford scene.

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              LTSomma and Louuuuuu I too am with you. Took friends there on Friday night. Place was packed. Service was friendly, food fantastic. So much fresher than other Middle Eastern restaurants I have been too. We had the combo appetizer and loved it. Going back this week with coworkers. I think the prices are very reasonable.