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Sep 15, 2009 05:28 AM

looking to start backyard fish fry

Is ok to start a fish fry in your backyard or on your property for profit in the state of Maryland

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  1. i'd venture that you'd need some business license, and there are likely zoning laws that would prohibit or otherwise restrict the commercial use of your residential property.

    i'd suggest that the specific answers you need will only come from the state authorities. contact your local elected officials (county board of supervisors or the like) -- or the country manager's office (if you have one). i'd start there.

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    1. re: alkapal

      not to mention health dept regulations... food service certs. etc, etc. Once you establish a commercial kitchen... well the flood gates of regulation open....

      1. re: JRCann

        yeah, i'd call the idea -- offhand -- a non-starter. even IF it were somehow permitted -- which i doubt -- i cannot imagine it'd be worth the hassle.

    2. I'm sure you could get away with it a couple of times, but if you're trying to start a business, you should talk to a lawyer in your area.

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