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Sep 15, 2009 04:12 AM

Keith Floyd -- RIP

I was sorry to hear of his passing. I always enjoyed his shows.

I first leaned about his death from an email from Richard Leader's superfood blog (recommended).
"While the obituaries are bound to focus on his four failed marriages and his drinking, the one thing that stands out for me is his passion for food and cooking. Sure, there was a glass of wine on hand in all of his 'sketches' as he used to call them, but it was the food he was telling us about. TV cooking hasn't been the same since he stopped making programmes but his style and legacy have influenced almost every cooking show since."

Here is Keith Floyd's obituary in the U.K.'s Guardian:

Here's the news story from the U.K.'s Mirror:

And from a "tribute" to Floyd by Jay Rayner -- who met him briefly only once -- there was this: "And now he's gone. In truth of course he went a while back, a victim of his own capricious appetites. But at least as he was taking his leave his importance and brilliance had finally been recognised."

It's so sad to learn of his deterioration. Very sad.

To celebrate his brilliance, however, you might enjoy this tribute, with video clips of various "special moments":
You must look at the "tasting" with Marco Pierre White! LOL!

The bourride was lovely! Note, once the clip you're watching is finished, you should troll along the panes of other clips, and select more that you can watch. ****
""Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White paid tribute to a "beautiful man".

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Keith, in my opinion, was an exceptional human being. He had great qualities.

"His ability to inspire people to cook just with his words and the way he did things was extraordinary.

"If you look at TV chefs today they don't have his magic. It's a very, very, very sad day for my industry and secondly for a nation."

He added: "Keith was intellectual, he was intelligent, and he was articulate - he used words which everybody could understand. He was very special.

"The thing which is very sad is a little piece of Britain today died which will never be replaced. He was a beautiful man.""

Please post any other notable tributes (or video clips of his t.v. "sketches") that you might find. Thank you.

**** [unrelated, but...under the Marco Pierre White clip (which was from his show, I presume ), there is a clip of Mario Batali talking about a "risotto incident." These clips sure give some interesting insights into the chefs' personalities!]

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  1. oh nooooooooooo. don't like most television chefs but i enjoyed the man's style and his programmes very much. RIP capricorn.

    1. I wish he had been on the air more here in the U.S. His shows were always so entertaining. It is so true, there really is no chefs on tv today that have his spark and natural comedic prowess. RIP Keith.

      1. How sad. We were justing watching Keith Lloyd being interview by Keith Alan on Channel 4 last night. Great and quite honest interaction between the two of them.
        Not sure if those outside of Britain can access the link, but can be seen on Channel 4 on Demand.

        Thanks alkapal for compiling all the obits, etc.

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        1. re: YummaYum

          yumma, we cannot, alas, see the channel 4 video. here are some excerpts from the program, though:

          that documentary, too, sounds sad. what a shame about the last few years, it seems.
          over here in the u.s., we didn't get all the gossip i'm sure that went around there in the u.k.

          while jay rayner may've been a tad cold in his assessment (and a little bold, since he really only met the man *once*), he may be right in saying that floyd was a victim of his own capricious (and may i add, apparently capacious) appetites.


          in prepping the links, etc., and thinking about floyd, i thought of the memento mori by hans holbein, "the ambassadors"

          so much seeming abundance and opulence, extravagance and worldliness, but with the undercurrent of decay.
          and then wondered why in the hell am i putting off my colonoscopy.

        2. the idol of my idols has left us and it's a sadder world today. rest in peace chef.

          1. Loved the intro song ( by The Stranglers, I believe ) to his show(s), replete with alot of rhythymic grunting :-) Floyd always induced big smiles, especially the manner in which he visibly and palpably chewed and swigged his vittles with gusto and deserved self-satisfaction. Always enjoyed drinking a glass of wine as I watched his series. He and Justin Wilson can tip a glass together now. R.I.P.