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Sep 15, 2009 02:05 AM

Uwajimaya in Renton - anyone been?

We usually go to the Seattle store, but was wondering if the new Renton store is worth a drive to visit. Does it have anything the Seattle store doesn't?

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  1. LOL...yes. A BECU instead of a Chase branch. Sorry...couldn't resist. Food-wise probably pretty much the same.

    1. The Renton Uwajimaya is a lot smaller than the store located in The International District, although you can find some of the same foods and produce, there are obviously a lot of products missing; as well as the eating area.

      The gift shop area is very small, not a lot to choose from, but the Sake aisle was impressive. No idea where you live, but I will go there from now on, not as many people, but the same great customer service throughout the store!~!!

      Be well,