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Sep 14, 2009 11:33 PM

Bulk Tomatoes?

Hi All

Tomatoes are my #1 desert island food, and I'm looking to buy several pounds of gorgeous ones to blanch and freeze at a decent price. Any suggestions?

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  1. I believe that Wilson Farms in Lexington sells their own Jetstar for $35/case. Maybe #25 box? At least that was the deal at the beginning of tomato season.

    Russo's in Watertown had 1 qt. boxes of "local" tomatoes for $1.49 last week. There were five very large tomatoes in the box I bought. I'm not sure if they do a bulk deal, but it would be worth checking if it's convenient to get there.

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    1. re: bear

      Russo's was selling "local" (or was it "native"?) plum tomatos by the case/crate/box for $18 or $19 the last time I was there (late last week).

    2. Was at Wilson Farms about a week ago, and all of the tomatoes looked awesome! Did not buy any, as we are harvesting cherry tomatoes from our garden, and my brother brought over some Big Boys. But will make sure to get some from Wilson Farms before the season ends, as they looked to good.

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        Had some tomatoes from Wilson's last week and they in fact were awesome. Sweet, tangy, and bursting with flavor. My mother in law was putting them in a salad and while she was cutting them my heart skipped a beat seeing how lovely and red they were. Knowing how much I loved them she gave me one to eat while we getting dinner ready. Delicious!

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          Well, then I definitely need to make another trip soon. Get a few tomatoes- love to eat them with just a bit of s/p- but also love to toast bread, top with tomatoes, cooked bacon and cheese, and cook under the broiler until melted. So good- my dad used to make these all of the time! And cut up tomatoes and garden cukes are so good with a bit of red wine vinegar.
          Also want to see if Wilson Farms has local butternut squash. I usually buy one squash, and end up going back to get a boxful. We keep it in the basement and enjoy it all winter

        2. re: macca

          Made a caprese salad last night with toms from Wilson Farms - and I thought the Jetstars were tastier than the more expensive heirloom varieties they also have for sale.

          1. re: LStaff

            Did you get the cheese at Wilson Farms? I noticed lots of mozz. next to the Jet Star tomatoes.

        3. Thank you to everyone for the tips! I think the hubby and I will head to Wilson Farms this weekend!