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Sep 14, 2009 11:26 PM

Boston Tiki Bar?

Hi All

I've been watching too much Tony Bourdain, but after seeing him slurping up ridiculous pineapple-bedecked concoctions in Hawaii and Staten Island (!?!) I've developed a nasty craving. Any suggestions? I hear the Tiki Room is closed... :(

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  1. Maybe East Coast Grill's tiki room in Inman Sq., Cambridge:

    1. Tiki Lagoon at Kowloon. That's probably the closest thing to a real 50's tiki bar left in Boston.

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      1. re: bobot

        This is assuming you're looking for decor, by the way. The food/drinks at Kowloon suck.

      2. while not a Tiki bar i'd head over to Eastern Standard and talk to them, especially Bob.

        1. Sundays are all about Tiki at Drink in Fort Point.

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          1. re: ponyboy

            absolutely. you gotta try the Carribean Punch, it's got A&W root beer as an ingredient and i'm addicted.

            1. re: ponyboy

              I kept meaning to hit that up, and now that NFL has started, it is unlikely that I'll make it for a long while :(

              1. re: ponyboy

                Ben, who used to be my go to bartender at Drink before he sadly moved on, was a big Tiki guy; however, Scott is still in residence and makes mean Tiki drinks - great Singapore Sling.

                1. re: bostonbroad

                  Pretty much every bartender at Drink can bring the authentic Tiki, though Misty is first among equals on this score in my book, as is Gertsen, which should surprise no one.


                  1. re: bostonbroad

                    At Drink, Sam has been our favorite for Tiki Sundays. Joe has been coming up with his own creations which are spot on.


                  2. re: ponyboy

                    Are they continuing that? I figured that the Tiki focused Sundays were in the summer only. Good news, if not, since I never made it.

                  3. Not Boston adn no bar, but I like Tiki Island in Medford. Cheesy murals and masks on the walls, stiff drinks in goofy mugs and better food than Kowloon.

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                    1. re: masterson

                      I second Tiki Island. Food is solid and just what you would expect and the Mai Tai and Scorpion Bowl are top notch!

                      1. re: masterson

                        Please... PLEASE!... don't say that food here is decent. It was horrible when we went there last week and we will definitely not be going back ever! Rather go to dingy Chinatown than here again...

                        1. re: nader

                          As I said, it is just what you would expect walking into the joint. Solid Americanized Chinese food. Nothing there will blow your socks off except for how strong the drinks are. The OP was looking for Tiki drinks, Tiki Island will deliver on that and as said above the food is better than Kowloon.

                          The fact that you think all restaurants in Chinatown are dingy is kind of painting with a pretty broad brush as well...