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Sep 14, 2009 09:03 PM

Tavern - noise level

I'm thinking of a small group dinner at Tavern on a Saturday night. A couple of the guests are older and dislike noisy restaurants. Can anyone who has been there advise on the noise level?

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  1. The noise level in the main dining room is fine. Make certain that you are confirmed for the main dining room. Otherwise, you will be seated in the bar area and the noise level there is horrible. I have found the hosts to be very nice. I suggest mentioning that a couple of folks in your party are hard of hearing.

    1. I recommend against the Tavern, even in the main dining room, for a group larger than 4 if noise is an issue. The bar area is very noisy and even the main dining room, though quieter is noisy. With a group 6 or larger, the guests at each end of the table will have trouble hearing each other clearly.

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        "With a group 6 or larger, the guests at teach end of the table will have trouble hearing each other clearly."

        And which is most likely the case with 99% of the restaurants in Los if that's going to be the criteria in selecting or deselecting a place for a group to eat one is going to be restricted to an impossibly small number of choices as viable venues.

      2. I go all the time with my mother and my aunt, both with hearing problems. Main dining room is fine, but go earlier rather than later.