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Sep 14, 2009 08:58 PM

Chowing Down Before Concert

One of my friends and I will be going to the Keith Urban concert this Saturday. We thought we'd make a day of it and have brunch, lunch or a really early dinner beforehand. I'd love to try out an exciting new place. Pretty much any cuisine is okay (though nothing too too casual eg. Peter's Drive-In) but price should be around $30 pp including tax and tip but no alcohol. It's hard to find interesting places that are opened at those times on Saturday so your thoughts are most welcomed.

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  1. What times are we talking about and what sort of food are you interested in? Area? If any area is okay I like Big T's... the fried pickles and hush puppies are awesome. Redwater Grill is always good too. They should both be around the right price.

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      Sorry, concert starts at 7:30 at the 'Dome. We'd like to be finished eating by 6:30ish, location anywhere within reasonable driving distance.

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        This might be a bit on the high end of your price range but you might want to check out Olives in the Arriva condo tower. We (group of 4) went there before the Kings of Leon concert and the food and service was great. Because they are in walking distance to the Saddledome they are very aware of "concert nights" and they seemed to have kept the pace pretty brisk to get us on our way to the show.

    2. I like to go to Embarcadero on 17th Ave when I go to events at the Saddledome, 2 blocks away. You can park, eat then just walk over when you're ready.

      Here's their website, so you can see if you like their menus

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        1. St. James Pub - corner of 13th Ave & 1st Street SW is not too far from the Dome. Nice new pub. Pretty decent grub and beer ( Maybe a little lower scale than you are looking for?

          Ed's Restaurant (related to Embarcadero noted below) was ok, but I haven't been there in awhile.

          And Lavitabella on the east side of the grounds is a nice family run place and in your price range if you don't want 3 courses! (

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            Looks like we'll be trying Ed's. Thanks.

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              Let us know how it is? Back in 'the day', when it was call Mister Ed's, the wings were the best.... That was a lot of days ago! Would love to hear...

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                It was good, would go back. The convenience of parking at the grounds and then walking over can't be beat (and it almost made me feel like I got my money's worth out of the $12 parking fee).
                We didn't have the wings so I can't speak to that, sorry. We were up on the second floor, the only table until we were nearly done as the party of 12 next to us was late getting in. Our waitress was very apologetic about being late to take our drink order, saying she had just gone on shift and was told about us, but we didn't really notice a delay.
                We decided on sharing various appies: calamari, garlic shrimp, bruschetta and veggie quesadilla with spinach, strawberries and brie and a mango chipotle sauce. I loved the calamari and quesadilla. The shrimp were good but I wished they had gone for another bread for dipping; it came with a regular garlic toast, as did the bruschetta, which did neither dish a favour.
                We also had the tiramisu for dessert which did take quite a while to get to us because the kitchen was swamped with pre-concert goers by then but we had loads of time to spare and liked just lingering and chatting.
                Our waitress was excellent—helpful but unobtrusive. She anticipated what we'd need and kept us informed as to the dessert delay. She also chased after me with a bag I'd left behind—much appreciated.