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Sep 14, 2009 08:26 PM

celebration dinner at 11:30pm on a Wednesday

where would you go for a great meal at 11:30pm?

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  1. I would try:

    Balthazar (I think they take reservations pretty late on in the evening)
    Blue Ribbon Brasserie (bit of a wait)
    Spotted Pig (ditto)

    A lot of Japanese places stay open pretty late, not sure if that's what you're looking for, though. Yakitori Totto? Sushi Seki?

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    1. re: kathryn

      probably balthazar or blue ribbon would be most up my alley, food wise. do you have a preference between the two?

      1. re: ztarsh

        Nominally Balthazar, but mainly because of atmosphere/the fact that they take reservations.

    2. You might want to consider 'inoteca Gramercy. They serve the full menu in the dining room until 1 a.m. We had a very late supper there a few weeks ago on a Tuesday, and the food was excellent. The dining room was virtually deserted at 11 p.m. Though there was music playing, we enjoyed the overall peace and quiet especially since, when it's busy, the noise level is deafening. We've never been to Balthazar that late, but I'm guessing it would be more lively.

      1. Bubby's in Tribeca is serving late now and is always delicious.. Another option is the new Florent space called 69 Gansevoort, they serve until 6am and is supposed to be sceney and fun, in Meatpacking. it is owned by the owners of Bagatelle and Kiss & Fly