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Sep 14, 2009 08:21 PM

Latest Steakhouse Thoughts?

We're planning a steakhouse outing and I'd like to canvas the board about recent steakhouse experiences - we are choosing between the higher end spots on the westside. Considering STK, BLT, Wolfgang's, Boa, and that ilk. Arnie Morton's is the default choice if we can't find a new contender.

Cut probably won't work this time, and we'll have some non-steak eaters along (fish). While we like Mastro's, our host isn't crazy about it and we aim to please since he's the one who's paying.

Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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  1. I think everyone will be happy with Wolfgang's Beverly Hills. Get the porterhouse for 2 - it's awesome.

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      I second the rec for Wolfgang's. While it didn't stand up to the Wolfgang's in New York, the small issues I had with it were really minor and I think it's an amazing steakhouse for Los Angeles. It definitely blows Arnie Morton's and Ruth Chris out of the water, and is worth a try if you usually default to Morton's.

      I do like Cut better, but it really is in a price point all by itself, and has a lot to offer besides steak. Wolfgang's is your best bet if you are looking for a classic steakhouse, both in ambiance and menu items.

    2. I know that Boa isn't highly thought of on Chowhound but the new space on Sunset just west of Doheny is probably the best use of outdoor dining space in Los Angeles. I have been 5 times in the last month and never had a bad meal. If you can get the patio, grab it. Its spectacular. As for the food, I love the 40 day age strip, the mac and cheese and the caesar. They do have a great John Dory selection as well as the oak plank salmon.

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        I just returned from Morton's in Canoga Park. The food was outstanding from start to finish. We had the wedge salad (which blew me away with size, freshness and flavor) tomato salad (I could have skipped that) porterhouse for two, hash browns, lionaise potatoes, garlic green beans, creamed spinach, two drinks, key lime pie, complimentary chocolate volcano cake (wifes BD) and coffee. Total was $215.00 and tip. I rarely go to Morton's but WOW! You get your moneys worth. OUTSTANDING!

      2. I'm a big fan of BLT steak. Had a great meal there on a night where we went to Boa, STK and BLT. I thought that BLT had the best food and was the most fun of all of them. STK had a few good things but overall was not impressed. Boa was good but not as good as BLT.

        1. If your choice comes down to STK, Boa or the old standby Arnie Morton's, then go to Morton's.

          But throw in Wolfgang's, then I would go to Wolfgang's.

          That said, I'm not sure any of your choices would be ideal for non-steak eaters. The seafood choices at Wolfgang's are completely insipid, taste like something Clifton's Cafeteria would serve on Lent.

          Boa does have a nice spaghetti and meatball dish that would make Chef Boyardee a bit, just a bit, nervous.

          1. wolfgang's....not as good as peter lugar but close