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Sep 14, 2009 08:17 PM

Mini Kosherfest at Costco

In another post our man Berel stated that Costco of Lawrence was carrying Empire Frozen Turkeys for $1.79/lb so I decided to go today and pick some up. Turns out I did not see any turkeys but what I saw was a centrally located set of tables where they were giving out samples of kosher items. Monday is usually slow but it was packed there. They were giving out samples of knishes, kugels, soufflés, cheese blintzes, cole slaw, cucumber salads, cakes, and an assortment of hard cheeses. I practically had dinner there. As per Costco standards, items were being sold in nice sized packages - perfect timing for Yom Tov. The kugels, soufflés, knishes and cheese blintzes were quite tasty - I think I will have dinner at Costco tomorrow as well :)

Many thanks Berel! Thanks to this find my Yom Tov planning will be much easier since I will not be making any sides just buying some of the items that I saw at Costco. Coupled with their excellent selection of vegetables and fruits I will make only my gefilta fish, turkey and brisket.

Go Costco!

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  1. sorry I forget to mention the kosherfest, guess I got all excited at seeing the 1.79 a lb turkeys

    I picked 3 packages of the cholov Israel pepperjack cheese they were selling.

    Maybe I should contract with Costco to sell my homemade pickled green tomatoes (Zaydee's Brand)

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    1. re: berel

      I will be going there tonight as well. Just where were the turkeys? In the Kosher section or the freezer section near the Empire chickens.

      1. re: MartyB

        I don't know where the turkeys were. the people on line ahead of me had 2 of them and said there were only a few left. this was on Sunday

    2. I was there last week and there was ZERO kosher beef. I heard this week that they are not carrying it anymore. What a disappointment.

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        1. re: websterhall1994

          I too did not see it last week however I did see it yesterday. I am going tonight I will report back what I see.

          1. re: MartyB

            Went tonight, lots of action at the tasting tables. I will probably buy the baked “potato knishes”, the apple cobbler and noodle soufflés as well as the cheese blintzes. They also had a tasty chocolate babka that I will spring for. The package of mixed cheese will also find its way in my cart.

            I asked if the various "soufflés" were really kugels and they said yes, that Costco wanted it labeled as such – cool – Costco really gets involved in the marketing of what they carry as well.

            Prices looked good - kugels were packaged at 2 x 20oz for ~$7 - $9. The cheese blintzes were a package of 10 for $12 - they were real good – heimich style.

            No turkeys, they ran out on Sunday. The only meat (outside of chicken and deli) was the ground beef - don't know what happened to the other choices, with Pik-N-Pay honoring the Yom Tov with a steep price increase of brisket to $8.99, Costco's $9.99 would have been nicely priced since they looked real nice and nicely packaged as well.

            I plan on doing all my Costco shopping on Thursday to get the freshest products (and I have a booklet of coupons from them that are active starting the 17th).

            1. re: MartyB

              the apple cobbler was delicious, and so was the pepperjack cheese, i have one of each in my fridge and my freezer right now (and a piece of the apple cobbler on the fork in my hand :-))

              how do you distinguish between a souffle and a kugel?

              in terms of beef, they had on monday early day, but sold out of everything within a few hours, i got turkey cutlets and we tried them for dinner, we grilled them on a grill pan, they were very good, though not garlic-y enough, but thats us, not the meat :-)

              marty, before u plan youre shopping day, call and ask when/if theyre havign another beef delivery, the cheese people were pretty sure they were, but i couldnt find the actual manager to ask, the manager did say, on sunday (when he told us about the monday delivery) that this whole kosher line in 6 costcos in the area, he wouldnt give us a list of the 6, but rumor has it westbury is next

              if theyre having a shipment tomorrow, buy before the coupons and then go back for the price adjustments, its (i think) more impt to get there before they run out of meat, also if they tell you theres a shipment tomorrow, PLEASE post it

              on the coupon line, anything interesting? i dont think i saw a coupon booklet in the mail, but ill go in and get one if theres anything fun? any snapple coupon?

              1. re: shoelace

                > how do you distinguish between a souffle and a kugel?
                That is the point, the person in charge of the "kugel" tasting station said, when I asked him about the "noodle soufflé" if it was noodle kugel he siad yes, it was Costco that requested the "soufflé" designation so I assume soufflé is just a fancy name for kugel..

                I plan on going to Costco on Thursday when they open so I wont have the problem of having them run out of anything. As to the coupons, obviously what is interesting is a personal choice. I will use the $4 off on Splenda (limit 2). I may buy the Norelco shaver for the $25 off.

                1. re: MartyB

                  Soufflé is french, kugel is yiddish. They are not really the same thing beyond being starchy side dishes that are baked. Soufflés should have a custard and beaten egg whites and rise while cooking.

                  The "noodle soufflé" was almost certainly a kugel and not a soufflé. Some of the newer "kugels" that lack noodles or potatoes are in a middle ground between kugels and soufflés since they lack the traditional kugel noodle/potato but also are not made exactly like a soufflé.

                  In reality, what probably happened was Costco decided that non-Jews know what soufflés are, but they don't know what kugels are, so they wanted the products called soufflés.


                  1. re: DajOy

                    Did you read the links I provided above? The words have completely different etymologies, the dishes originated in different countries, and they are not even made the same way. Besides a rough similarity in appearance between souffles and non-traditional kugels there really is no relationship between the two.

          2. What kind/brand of souffles were they carrying?

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              1. re: brooklynkoshereater

                i dont remember the brand, but marty is usually right, however, this apple cobbler was much much better than the classic one that brachs used to carry

              2. I BLEW IT!

                Went to Costco to buy some of the items that I tasted and figured I would get it close to yom tov so it would be freshest. Guess what - no vendors and no baked knishes, no cheese blintzes - bummer. Makes no sense, let people get a taste of products then not to sell it. What was the point? Just to get a couple of days worth of sales? At least I have to be thankfull that I decided to go today and not wait until tomorrow..

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                1. re: MartyB

                  they could have been testing the market. I wouldn't give up hope that some of the items become regular costco products

                  did they have any turkeys btw?

                  1. re: MartyB

                    Generally people buy products when they taste them. I'm sure Costco did very well with their products while the tastings were happening. Maybe they just sold out sooner than expected. They almost certainly did not expect people to taste Mon/Tue and then come back on Thur to buy the products.

                    1. re: avitrek

                      Well I learned my lesson. I will see if I can find these products at Brachs or Gourmet Glatt (at a reasonable price).

                      I plan on going back again tomorrow, we decided to make Sunday lunch a dairy one and celebrate my daughters birthday so I will pick up a cake from Costco, probably cheese with cherry topping (yum!).

                      1. re: MartyB

                        Good news, went to Costco today, and yes, they do now have turkeys $1.79/lb (in the freezer section next to the Empire chickens). I bought two 15 pounders, key component of my succos menu. The strawberry cheesecake looked amazing, 90oz, thats 5 1/2 pounds, for $15.

                        I commented to my married daughter, who joined me, that I am going broke saving money at Costco. Spent almost $200 (all right she bought a few items :). All that I needed was the cheesecake and some sponges. I am sure that if I went there again I would find more to buy, sigh.

                        1. re: MartyB

                          turkeys must have come in this morning, I was there last evening

                          1. re: MartyB

                            I just got two turkeys and a case of Traditions chicken soups, I must have missed that yesterday

                              1. re: queenscook

                                when's the next meeting of Warehouse Anonymous?

                        1. re: MartyB

                          The article is already outdated, seeing as Costco has not had kosher beef for weeks. According to the manager they are working on a supply issue and aren't sure when/if they'll have it again. Wish I would have loaded up my freezer. . .
                          Also they no longer carry non-family packs of the Empire chicken cutlets- only HUGE 4-5 lb packages.
                          One piece of advice: Make sure your has a price sticker before you get on line. My mom had to carry hers back across the whole store. When none of them had stickers, she had to beg the regualr butcher to weigh and price it for her. He reluctantly did- but it paid off since he charged her $0.99 a lb.

                          1. re: websterhall1994

                            just came from Costco in Lawrence/5 Towns.,. They are fully stocked with Rib eye, chuck , brisket and stew meat

                            1. re: berel

                              woo hoo

                              this is one situation where im really glad to be proven wrong

                              1. re: berel

                                Yes! I need a reasonable local backup source to Pik-N-Pay. I believe Costco was charging $9.99 for their brisket, nicely packaged. By the way Berel, your recipie for brisket was a big hit! I used less ginger ale (used just enough to cover meat), but it was fantastic - and oh so simple! Thanks!