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Foods beginning with the letter "X" ?

Help my son with his Home Ec homework! Need a food beginning with the letter "X" TIA.

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  1. XLB aka xiao long bao, a favorite topic on the LA, SF and New York boards.

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      XLB comes to mind first, followed by XO sauce for Asian cooking.

    2. xouba - small, sardinelike fish found near Spain

      1. xiphias means swordfish
        xiphosuran means horseshoe crab
        xylocarp is a hard, woody fruit

          1. Why is he not doing his own homework?

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            1. Xtabentun is a Mayan liqueur made in the Yucatan that is flavored with anisse and honey made from xtabentun flowers.

              1. Xochitl's Xpecial Xouba Xopes

                1. xanthan gum. Maybe not a food, but an ingredient/addative

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                    thats what I was gonna say ~~

                  2. Xni-pec = wetness on dog's nose = habanero salsa
                    Xocolatl = chocolate
                    Both Mayan, I think, and pronounced with a zh sound.

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                        X hamburger.Sorry, I couldn't resist

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                          Do you mean x-tudo? It is a Brazilian hamburger with egg, fries, hot dog, corn, and much much more

                          Sometimes called an x-salada. Here's a photo

                          Another x food - xoxo or xuxu ... another name for chayote

                          Xcatic chile Chili with pale yellow or green chili, 5-7 inches long, not found outside the Yucat√°n

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                            I was just going to chime in on the xuxu...this month's Gourmet magazine has an "A to Z" portion, and a dish is included with xuxu / chayote.

                      2. http://books.google.com/books?id=cIUN...

                        Have him go to this site, then on the left side of the screen go to "find in library" to see if a library near you has it.

                        1. Sounds like the Home Ec teacher didn't do his/her homework in coming up with a meaningful lesson plan and sent everyone off on a snipe hunt. Of what use is this?

                          Researching the difference between baking soda and baking powder, understanding why yeast needs certain temperatures and a gazillion other things would be time better spent.

                          I also agree with Lizard.


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                            He's probably supposed to learn how to use an internet search function or flip through the X book in an encyclopedia. But I wouldn't send kids onto the internet to look for things starting with X, if you know what I mean.

                              1. Xmas anything! It's a hard letter to find anything that's not super-exotic...