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Sep 14, 2009 07:55 PM

Sicilian pizza in Hartford area?

This article got my mouth watering. Do we have anything like that around here??

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  1. Di Bacco Food Import
    553 Franklin Avenue

    Mozzicato de Pasquale Bakery and Pastry Shop
    329 Franklin Avenue

      1. re: hotwing

        Happened to be at Naples today and ordered a small Sicilian with spinach. Everything about it indicated freshness, both in quality and taste. Of course, if you only care for thin crust, then you wouldn't want this. The small size gets you 6 good size squares; I took 3 home for next time. Their side salad ($5.50) was excellent and really would almost qualify as an entree - great balsamic dressing on the side. I think that, if you're in the neighborhood, and want good, if not great, pizza, then this is a good place. There is indoor/outdoor dining and it is signed as a restaurant/pizza but I didn't look at a menu so don't know what else they serve. If you come into Farmington off I84 and go over the bridge, you've gone too far; it's on the right in a small shopping plaza.

        1. re: philbkr

          I've had their thin crust pizza and thought it was pretty good. Not in Harry's league but still a darn good pie. I'm definitely going to try the sicilian. As far as the South End stuff, I'll probably get down there eventually, but I'd rather stay away. Too much bad stuff happening down there lately.

      2. You could also try Lena's Pizza on Park Street on the Hartford / West Hartford line.

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        1. re: luvthemdogs

          Lena's is probably my favorite pizza but I would not call it sicilian, the crust is on the thick side. But I love it.

        2. I guess Mozzicatos is the best place still around. They also make a great (the way it sounds from my Italian family) SKA-CHADA. the sausage and spinach is my favorite. When I was younger, the best sicilian pizza was Nardi's in East Hartford.

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          1. re: foodwallguy

            Scacciata. :) My mom made one for us for dinner tonight. Never had one at Mozzicato's. Great ones were once available in Middletown (my hometown, in which there's no shortage of Sicilians), but sadly, no more.

            1. re: kattyeyes

              Whoa. You're one of the first people i've come across that has ever even heard of Scacciata, never mind have the ability to spell it. Thanks. Now I know i'm not crazy thinking my family is the only family who makes this mystery spinach bread.

          2. Some of my friends disagree, but I can't get enough of Mozzicato's pizza -- particularly spinach (and I've had Broccoli Rabe in the past but not recently).