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Sep 14, 2009 07:28 PM

Anyone else feel sorry for Marc Thuet?

I just had the misfortune of wasting an hour of my evening watching this new show 'Conviction'!
I remember when Marc's food was among the best in the city. Many a spectacular meal at Centro in the late 90's when Thuet and Co. were one of the hottest dining tickets in town. After that, I remember having two wonderful meals at The Fifth. Marc's food was always robust, full-flavored and rich, yet delicate and smart. I have dined at his King Street West outpost twice over the last 3 years or so. All I can remember is the obnoxious, loud and out-of-place woman that is his wife Biana! I can't believe she has taken Marc Thuet and his esteemed reputation as a chef to nothing but a TV tabloid.

When the final incarnation of Bistro Bakery Thuet / Thuet / Bite Me! / Conviction finally comes to end (and no doubt it will) I think Marc should move on and leave his wife at home! Does anyone feel the same about his wife and how she has potentially destroyed his career? I know that I will never step foot in their establishment again based solely on her attitude, behavior towards staff and guests and the fact that she thinks she actually knows what she is doing!

Someone please save Marc Thuet!

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  1. Not a fan of his food but I was actually impressed with the show given it being reality tv. When are you going to see a live sheep butchered on prime time tv? The cooking segments are reflective of what's expected in a professional kitchen.

    No I don't want to eat there but I would certainly keep watching.

    btw, post more, you were one of my favourite posters on the "old school" 1 page board. You've pissed your fair share of people off, but you sure had your "convictions".

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      1. I love these post-cocktail hour posts! I wonder what the moderators can keep up with....

        On a more serious note, there's clearly an identity crisis in the business plan. The breads are good, the charcuterie is very good, but the experiments in pricing structures through the retail outlets is undermining the brand, but the pates are still the gold standard (retail) in town. With Ramsay able to pull in 10 mill per year for his tv angst, while his restaurants are struggling makes me wonder if Thuet actually made a good move with the reality show. Or is he next on Kitchen Nightmares.....

        1. Well I'm just going to judge to show and not any preconceptions I had of Marc as I have never eaten his food. I thought the show was decent, I lost my mind watching the rookies making hilarious mistakes in the dining room. Very comical. I also became a fan of Marc, I want to sit and have a beer with the guy. He seems cooler than the average chef we see on TV.
          I don't know if his wife is to his detriment, I certainly didn't get that from 45 minutes of T.V.
          I think its kinda funny that you took her attitude to heart. I didn't even find her that bad, as far as reality T.V is concerned ,she is a kitten.

          1. The original comment has been removed