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Sep 14, 2009 07:04 PM

Las Vegas Fine Dining

Trying to choose some restaurants for our trip in early December. Our choices for my wife and
i for fine dining are as follows: Eiffel Tower, Picasso, L'Atalier, Alize. Any help is appreciated. Maybe you can rank these?

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  1. L'atelier is on the top followed by Picasso. The other two I would pass on. Look at Alex in the Wynn, Cut in Palazzo, Guy Savoy in Caesars. What's you budget looking like??

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      I'm looking at about %00 or less for two......

        1. re: gdiego

          In that case I'd say the Prix Fixe at Joel Robuchon, TGV at Guy Savoy, tasting menu at Alex would all fit your budget.

      1. My favorite fine dining restaurants are: Alex (Wynn) and Le Cirque (Bellagio). Actually, I never miss an opportunity to dine at Alex. In fact, I schedule my trips to LV to make sure that Alex is open for dinner when I'm in LV. Alex is open only Wednesday through Saturday (sign of the times). Yes, Alex is that sensational! I dined at Picasso about seven years ago, and I was underwhelmed with it. Same for the Joel Robuchon restaurants (dined at the Mansion two years ago--haven't rushed back). I live in NYC, and have dined at L'Atelier at the Four Seasons, and while it was very good (even met Chef Robuchon), I haven't rushed back either.

        1. I absolutely agree that Alex is the best of the best. You won't be disappointed if you go there. We've been to Picasso a number of times over the years, and it is very good, but not as good as Alex. Le Cirque in the Bellagio used to be our favorite for a number of years before we tried Alex (I guess actually before Alex opened), and is also quite good.

          1. I've now been to all but Picasso of the Vegas' "top tier." Ranking them, I'd say The Mansion of Joel Robuchon BARELY edges out Guy Savoy for best overall while Alex lags behind by a bit in terms of presentation and service. The food at all three are great.

            I personally quite liked MiX and Le Cirque, as well.

            Having not been to any on your list, I'd go with L'Atelier.