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Sep 14, 2009 06:31 PM

Comfort Foods from Fresh World

Fresh World in Reston made an apparent big splash but nothing to sustain - a shame.

Apparently the space will be occupied shortly by "Comfort Foods". Neither Pho Reston 75's owner, nor the family from El Manantial knew details, or were comfortable to share. (Both places rock, btw).

Anyone else know any details? PollyG, JoeH?

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  1. Sorry, no scoop here. I was last at Fresh World a couple of weeks ago and saw no signs of its coming demise. Between the nearby Grand Mart in Sterling (10 mins away) and the huge new Lotte in Centreville (20 min away), it is possible that the area is saturated.

    I'll miss the bizzaroworld experience of my first visit there, when they had not moved the former Giant's produce bins, but stocked them with far more exotic and vibrant fare than Giant ever considered.

    1. Actually the new store is Compare Foods (link to story):

      Apparently they are more of a Latino market, which is great, but personally I will miss the Asian products at Fresh World. Oh well... will just have to go to Fairfax now.