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Sep 14, 2009 06:16 PM

Italian catering in Los Angeles?

I am looking for a good Italian food caterer for about 100-150 people. Not too expensive...does anyone have any leads? No cruddy red sauce but not too fancy either.

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    1. re: Obessed

      second Angeli Caffe. Not sure about price, but I expect Bottega Louie might offer catering as well.

      Dominico's Foods, operating out of the cheese store of beverly hills, does very traditional italian catering as well as the italian american variety. Call the cheese store for info. Amazing eggplant parm and lasagna!

    2. Il Fornaio does a nice job catering. We have used them on photo shoots, and there are never any complaints.

      1. Matthew Poley is the chef at Heirloom-LA who formerly worked at Angelini Osteria, La Terza, All'Angelo, etc. I've been to several Sunday tastings at Silverlake Wine where Heirloom-LA catered the absolutely delicious food (and on 9/13 it was w/sake instead of wine!). Yum! You can click thru Heirloom-LA website to the blog where you can get a flavor for Matthew Poley's food.

        Heirloom-LA Catering