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Good kosher caterers?

Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good kosher caterers.

and good means above average taste. any style is welcome.

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  1. we used GMB for our wedding and we were very happy with the food. But that was 8 years ago, I don't know if they even exist anymore.

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    1. re: londonlisa

      While I can't speak for the quality of their current catering operation, GMB was selling fresh prepared foods (at Pusateri's among other places) a couple of years ago. They ranged from blah to seriously awful.

      1. re: embee

        i agree about the prepared foods but their catering is excellent. we have been to several catered events by them and the food is always great.

    2. Catering by Risa on Bathurst. They are new but good. Also, depending on the size of your party, you can get it catered by one of the good kosher restaurants.

      If you are looking for an event location, Four Seasons has a kosher kitchen and the food is beyond awesome (it is where I had my wedding).

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      1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

        we are having an outdoor wedding at Spadina House.
        so it would be a finger food or food station set-up that we are looking for. meat, dairy or parve are all options.

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          and Risa on Bathurst isn't certified kosher. i think they are 2-kitchen kosher, but not kosher by definition (or certification)

        2. I have had very good meals at weddings and events catered by both Zuchter Berk and GMB.

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            I think GMB is by far the best, and the most expensive. Their mass-marketed prepared food is by no means representative of the quality of their catered food.
            They are no longer affiliated with a Synagogue but do catering at different venues (not the Four Seasons- which is done in-house).

            We were just at an event at The Four Seasons this past Sunday evening. The Hors D'oeuvres were excellent- the highlight for me were the lovely mini chicken pot pies. The main course of lemon chicken was very salty. Dessert, nothing special.

            Rhonda Litvack was good, but she recently closed up shop.

            1. re: sherry f

              GMB is still known as the "best". We used them for our sons barmitzva in January and people are still talking about the food.
              Zuchter burke is also good - but for some reason GMB still have a the reputation as being the "best".

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                GMB...has my vote for the best kosher caterer.
                Not cheap but well worth every penny.

            1. re: chutchut

              There is a new caterer in town and they are excellent! It's called DKTO catering. They have a website... www.dktocatering.com They do all kinds..asian, moroccan, continental, french, japanese (including great sushi!), etc. They also make to die for flatbreads in 14 flavours (savoury and sweet).

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                Read the fine print when you are using GMB. They billed my credit card 4 months after my wedding to cover chef fees. I agree, food is good, but morally I wouldn't use them again.

                  1. re: ddelicious

                    It doesn't and it isn't.

                    Beware the "visit us" link at the bottom of their web page, as it (I suspect due to a proofreading error) will take you to a search site of dubious reputation.

              2. We used GMB for our wedding 8 years ago and people still comment on how good the meal was. I had two meals recently by Zuchter Berk, the cold lunch was lovely, but the full wedding dinner was absolutely horrible.

                1. Just had a brunch catered by Catering By Risa on Bathurst. The food was AMAZING - delicious, lovely to look at, plentiful. We will use them again.

                  As a bonus - they are a NUT FREE caterer.

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                  1. re: MeMeMe

                    Risa isn't kosher, I don't think.
                    So far, we are impressed with ZB's speed, communication and the fact they are on the ball. they came very prepared to our meeting.
                    the same cannot be said for GMB. its at the point where we couldn't care less as to how good GMB is; the fact they didn't come to our first meeting prepared whatsoever, have not quickly sent us a proposal (it will be 1 week as of tomorrow) and do not use email are huge strikes against them.

                    ZB may win us for that reason.

                    1. re: atomeyes

                      I can also suggest Beverly Hills Catering...Raphi Amar is a pleasure to deal with and does AMAZING Morroccan food and also Chinese food. He does some other food too but that's all I have tried. We used him for our wedding in June and it was a whole Morroccan theme....people are still talking about the food!

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                        Just wanted to bump this thread. Has anyone out there tried Beverly Hills Catering recently? My mom also remembers having great Moroccan food from them, but it was several years ago. Wondering if they're still good, and if they can do non-Moroccan food well too.