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Ideas for leftover butternut squash ravioli filling

I have extra filling from a roasted butternut squash mixed with fresh sage, egg and cream. Does anyone have an idea of how I could use the leftovers?

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  1. You could add it to some mashed potatoes or make potatoe croquettes.

    1. love both of howchow's ideas.

      you could also make a squash bisque - the egg may seem odd for that, but i actually think it would thicken the soup nicely.

      1. I also thought of soup. Then the idea of mixing with tamale masa or even polents came to mind. I have no idea if these would "work" though.

        1. How about more butternut squash ravioli? It would freeze well.

          1. Use it to stuff wonton wrappers, fried spring rolls, empanada dough, phyllo. Augment the filling with cheese, dried chorizo, or whatever you think will complement it.

            1. Spread it on top of pita or pizza dough as a sauce base instead of the boring ol' marinara. Top with figs, balsamic vinegar, brie or goat cheese with basil. Or even sausage. Or exotic mushrooms.

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                The pizza sounds to die for. I need to try that!!!!!

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                  i second this - i do the same but top with prosciutto, fried sage leaves and goat cheese

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                    Fried sage leaves! That's awesome! Is that really edible?

                2. You could use it as a filling for a pie with phyllo or puff pastry or add more eggs to the mix and make a nice frittata.

                  1. This might be nice mixed into a basic risotto.

                    1. Not traditional, but the very first thing that popped into my head was to use it as a filling for arancini di riso.

                        1. great ideas already...

                          wondering if you couldn't add some flour and make gnocchi from it...

                          you might also make a napoleon of sorts -- i'd layer some baked and crispy filo dough, some of the filling, some caramelized onions, and a little gruyere, then broil to melt cheese and top with another filo dough round

                          you could also add to pancake or waffle batter... adjust the eggs accordingly... or use as a filling for blintzes.

                          1. I love to experiment. I'd mix it with some beaten egg, flour, baking powder, maybe some grated cheese, like parm, and cook it to a crisp exterior on a wafflemaker! I'll be the inside would stay moist...

                            1. Could you make a sort of butternut squash risotto with it? Incorporate it at the end so as not to scramble/curdle the egg?

                              1. I made butternut squash raviolis yesterday.....today it will be butternut squash biscuits served with pork tenderloin and greens (I'll see what is at the market).