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Sep 14, 2009 05:34 PM

No Holds Barred.. Restaurant Recommendations in TO?

Hi everyone,

To make a long story short, my bf's boss has given us the opportunity to have a night out on him. There is really no limit on where we go, but I want something that I don't have everyday and possibly a tasting menu if possible. We both are not picky, and really just want an overall great experience.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I think the most failproof exceptional evening is at Scaramouche in the main dining room- perfect service, incredible food and if you are able to get a table by the window, wonderful ambience. My husband and I have never been disappointed, and sometimes in Toronto, you can spend a lot of money and be let down (Nota Bene comes to mind).
    canoe is also excellent but not being open on Saturdays makes it harder.

    1. Lucky you. I would go to Kaji.

        1. Amuse Bouche does an interesting tasting menu, with an approach that goes in many interesting directions.

          Colborne Lane does cool things with molecular gastronomy, with many great ingredients.

          Debu did one of my favourite meals in recent memory, with an updated version of Indian food with many modern and fusion takes on ingredients that are not used in traditional Indian cooking. (

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            Could you elaborate a bit more on Amuse Bouche? I have a special dinner out around the corner and am wringing my hands over where to drop my cash in Toronto. Amuse Bouche, and George are on the short list. I would love to hit up Kaji or Lai Wah Heen but unfortunately my dining companion is not likely to go for that.


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              I've had the multi-course a couple of times, and greatly enjoyed it; and also have tried their food at a number of events. The space is nice but small, so you might want to scout it out in advance for the right table. Great presentation, nice use of ingredients and good choice of wines. I think these guys have the attention to detail that might let you benefit from asking in advance what the tasting menu would be, and then letting them know if you have any deal-breakers, or other interests. Don't drive. Let them pour for you. Enjoy!

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                Exactly what I wanted to hear...this night out is very special for a variety of reasons and its the kind of evening that I want to place in the hands of the kitchen and FOH. I've heard very good things about Amuse`Bouche from industry insiders so I think its a go-thanks for your feedback! The Radio-Coteau Pinot on the list also immediately caught my attention.

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                  I hope you enjoy it greatly! Definitely make contact with them, as they seem the sort to jump through more hoops when you touch base. Cheers!

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                    if you want to sample and chat with them, tonight might be a good time to go.

                    for the summer they've been running a "tapas tuesdays"... of course not real tapas but small plates with each savoury plate at $10 and desserts/sangria/some wines at $5. it might give you a good overall idea of what they do well. i'm happy to say they're one of the few places to offer a nice dry packed scallop but they overcooked it... :( still infinitely better than nearly every scallop i've eaten recently. i don't think they run their regular menu at the same time. as another side note... their pork belly dish, aside from being mostly fat, was one of the best i've had with regards to moisture, fat rendering, flavour and really lovealy quinoa accompaniment.

                    as for the OP... i would blow it all on hashimoto. never been but dear lord if someone was footing a no holds barred bill then this is the one place that i always am hesitant to pay for myself but really really desperately want to go to.

            2. I would stretch the word Toronto to include Eigensinn Farm.

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                I don't know if Eigensinn is still running, but Haisai, their new venture, is now open.