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Sep 14, 2009 05:29 PM

NY foodie coming to New Orleans looking for CANT miss places- Help me with my itinerary please

Hey all,

I am planning a trip with my father in about a month to come down to NO from NY. I am a huge foodie and am really stoked about coming to NO because it has a great reputation as a food town. We will be in town for 5 days and am looking for the best dining experience I can possibly have. One of my coworkers is from New Orleans and gave me some recommendations. Still, I like to do my owjn investigating and want to hear the opinions ofmy fellow chounders! Here is what he recommended, plus a bunch of restaurants I have heard about through tv, rading, etc....Let me know what is worth it and what CANNOT BE MISSED! I know I am definitely doing Cafe du Monde.

NOLA, Emeril's. Brennan's, Commander's Palace, Galatoire's. Mr. B's Bistro, Stella, Restaurant August.

Willie Mae's Scotch House, Acme Oyster House, Central Grocery

I was told to avoid mothers.

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  1. I'll add Bon Ton & yes, avoid Mother's. Parkway & Parasol have great poboys. If you like oysters you will like Acme. If you're not going for that reason you might be disappointed.

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        I would add Clancys or Brigtsens. and maybe Mandinas on canal street

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          Thanks I was looking at those too. So basically, five days, five restaurants, where would you choose? Price is not an issue.

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            The musts in my opinion are cafe du monde the place is great, Galatoires friday lunch is probably the ultimate new orleans experience. Commanders Palace for sure. Parkway Bakery and Tavern because right now they serve the finest poboys in the city and the poboy in new orleans is like biting into heaven its great. Brigtsens small humble place but when its on its unreal. This is just my humble opinion the other chowhounders have all given you great recommendations so you really cant go wrong with the list theyve given you.

    1. Just got back from New Orleans with no intention but to eat well.
      I would highly recommend the lunch (Friday only) at August. The best food value and service I have ever had. Close second was Cochon.

      1. Our fine dining rest. are reasonably priced compared to NYC.

        Skip NOLA and Brennans. Try Herbsaint and Brigtsen's instead. Brigtsen's is in an old house in the Riverbend, nothing fancy but a good reprensentation of local flavor.

        Emeril's is excellent. The andouille crusted redfish and Niman Ranch pork chop with tamarind glaze/ mole are terrific as are the smoked exotic mushrooms and Abita rootbeer glazed bacon (pork belly) salad. Oyster prep of the day (if fried) are usually good.

        Tasting menu at Auguts w/ wine pairing.

        Mr. B's strictly for the gumbo Ya-Ya and bbq shrimp.

        Commander's for lunch, (25 cent martinis, limit 3) reserve the garden room.

        Galatoire's is the quintessetial NOLA experience, which is why you're going. Food is good, not great. Ask your waiter what's good then let him feed you.

        Oysters 1/2 shell, stand at the bar at Felix's, wash them down with an Abita amber, or go to Casamentos for some 1/2 shell and a loaf.

        You have numerous rest. in NY that outshine Stella!

        Get to Willie Mae's at 11 (when they open) to avoid the wait.

        Pick up a muff from Central to take home. They travel well.

        If you go to Cochon, get an all app. meal.

        I'll be visiting relatives at the Jersey shore this weekend. Took my dad to Strip House last visit. He loved it. Should we return or go elsewhere...BLT Prime, Porter House, Sparks ??? He wants a crusty strip, no butter.. Sides are not important, it's all about the steak.

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          Hey Jazzy B thanks for the terrific information. About Willie Mae's what are their hours.. I heard 1--3 Mon-Sat is that accurate? If so maybe we will stop in there for lunch on our first day since we will have an early flight. I think right now Emeril's ( I'm a huge fan), Galatoire's, and Commander's are all MUSTS since they are quintessential New Orleans.

          I guess in your opinion Emeril's is better than both NOLA and Delmonico's? As you may be able to tell by name name or by reading my posts I am quite the steak afficionado and eat at steakhouses a lot. Therefore, I guess Delmonico's really isn't necessary as a destination for me.

          To help you out when you come to NYC- Strip House is great and glad your father loved it. Definitely one of the top 3 steakhouses in the city and definitely a favorite of mine. If you are looking for something different I would recommend highly Keens, Old Homestead, BLT Prime, Craft (even though not a traditional steakhouse they serve incredible porterhouse, havent tried Craftsteak yet), Smith and Wollensky. I would skip Porter House (much better to be had in our great steak city) and Sparks (do not have bone-in steaks). Another option would be Del Frisco's if you are near Rockefeller center and are looking for a great view.

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            Willie Mae's 11-3 M-Sat. Emeril's is by far his best. We dine there regularly. Be sure to get a resv. in the main dining room. Delmonico's steaks aren't in the ballpark with NYC steakhouses. Smith and Wollensky used to have an outpost here (IMO best in NOLA) but sadly didn't return post K. I'm not looking for something different, just THE best bone -in, crusty strip. I look forward to my visits home and the foods that just can't be duplicated ( pizza, belly lox and a good pastrami sandwich). BTW, a po boy is just a sandwich on French bread, usually dressed with iceberg, tomatoes and pickles. RB is essentially well done, shredded beef w/gravy. Some po boys are very good, but not on par with a good sub. Another good option: Cuvee (shrimp remoulade napoleon or pork cheek app. if available). Avoid chicken/waffles.

            1. re: steakrules85

              send him to peter luger's in williamsburg or ben bensons

          2. Momofuko Noodle Bar southern style fried chicken blows Willie Mae's out of the water, don't bother with it.
            For roast beef poboy, if that's something you want to try, R&O's, Parkway or Parasol's.

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            1. re: roro1831

              I have to second R&O's (Metairie/Lakeview area) for their Roast Beef po-boy as well as their shrimp po-boy. Antoher don't miss (as a quintessential NOLA experience) is beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde, at night (preferably Fri or Sat), for watching people and listening to some great music; we heard some great performers playing in front of CdM a couple of weekends ago. It was a great memory to take away from our visit.

              1. re: roro1831

                Parasol's is only good for it's reputation of being well known. Their roast beef isn't good.
                Try Parkway Bakery or even Parran's on Veterans.

                1. re: ghc630

                  as a frequent eater of the roast beef across town, i must disagree with this sentiment. more often than not, Parasol's roastbeef poboy is exactly what it should be -- wet, messy, flavorful, on good bread. while i like Parkway's, its always been a #2 for me.

                  Parkway's Thanksgiving Poboy is an amazing feat, however.

              2. add to your list:
                Luke for lunch or for oysters and apps at the bar.
                Clancy's for oysters w/brie, sweetbreads, soft shell crabs, veal chop, frozen brandy alexander for dessert.
                Patois, well, for everything.

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