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NY foodie coming to New Orleans looking for CANT miss places- Help me with my itinerary please

Hey all,

I am planning a trip with my father in about a month to come down to NO from NY. I am a huge foodie and am really stoked about coming to NO because it has a great reputation as a food town. We will be in town for 5 days and am looking for the best dining experience I can possibly have. One of my coworkers is from New Orleans and gave me some recommendations. Still, I like to do my owjn investigating and want to hear the opinions ofmy fellow chounders! Here is what he recommended, plus a bunch of restaurants I have heard about through tv, rading, etc....Let me know what is worth it and what CANNOT BE MISSED! I know I am definitely doing Cafe du Monde.

NOLA, Emeril's. Brennan's, Commander's Palace, Galatoire's. Mr. B's Bistro, Stella, Restaurant August.

Willie Mae's Scotch House, Acme Oyster House, Central Grocery

I was told to avoid mothers.

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  1. I'll add Bon Ton & yes, avoid Mother's. Parkway & Parasol have great poboys. If you like oysters you will like Acme. If you're not going for that reason you might be disappointed.

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        I would add Clancys or Brigtsens. and maybe Mandinas on canal street

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          Thanks I was looking at those too. So basically, five days, five restaurants, where would you choose? Price is not an issue.

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            The musts in my opinion are cafe du monde the place is great, Galatoires friday lunch is probably the ultimate new orleans experience. Commanders Palace for sure. Parkway Bakery and Tavern because right now they serve the finest poboys in the city and the poboy in new orleans is like biting into heaven its great. Brigtsens small humble place but when its on its unreal. This is just my humble opinion the other chowhounders have all given you great recommendations so you really cant go wrong with the list theyve given you.

    1. Just got back from New Orleans with no intention but to eat well. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/649416
      I would highly recommend the lunch (Friday only) at August. The best food value and service I have ever had. Close second was Cochon.

      1. Our fine dining rest. are reasonably priced compared to NYC.

        Skip NOLA and Brennans. Try Herbsaint and Brigtsen's instead. Brigtsen's is in an old house in the Riverbend, nothing fancy but a good reprensentation of local flavor.

        Emeril's is excellent. The andouille crusted redfish and Niman Ranch pork chop with tamarind glaze/ mole are terrific as are the smoked exotic mushrooms and Abita rootbeer glazed bacon (pork belly) salad. Oyster prep of the day (if fried) are usually good.

        Tasting menu at Auguts w/ wine pairing.

        Mr. B's strictly for the gumbo Ya-Ya and bbq shrimp.

        Commander's for lunch, (25 cent martinis, limit 3) reserve the garden room.

        Galatoire's is the quintessetial NOLA experience, which is why you're going. Food is good, not great. Ask your waiter what's good then let him feed you.

        Oysters 1/2 shell, stand at the bar at Felix's, wash them down with an Abita amber, or go to Casamentos for some 1/2 shell and a loaf.

        You have numerous rest. in NY that outshine Stella!

        Get to Willie Mae's at 11 (when they open) to avoid the wait.

        Pick up a muff from Central to take home. They travel well.

        If you go to Cochon, get an all app. meal.

        I'll be visiting relatives at the Jersey shore this weekend. Took my dad to Strip House last visit. He loved it. Should we return or go elsewhere...BLT Prime, Porter House, Sparks ??? He wants a crusty strip, no butter.. Sides are not important, it's all about the steak.

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          Hey Jazzy B thanks for the terrific information. About Willie Mae's what are their hours.. I heard 1--3 Mon-Sat is that accurate? If so maybe we will stop in there for lunch on our first day since we will have an early flight. I think right now Emeril's ( I'm a huge fan), Galatoire's, and Commander's are all MUSTS since they are quintessential New Orleans.

          I guess in your opinion Emeril's is better than both NOLA and Delmonico's? As you may be able to tell by name name or by reading my posts I am quite the steak afficionado and eat at steakhouses a lot. Therefore, I guess Delmonico's really isn't necessary as a destination for me.

          To help you out when you come to NYC- Strip House is great and glad your father loved it. Definitely one of the top 3 steakhouses in the city and definitely a favorite of mine. If you are looking for something different I would recommend highly Keens, Old Homestead, BLT Prime, Craft (even though not a traditional steakhouse they serve incredible porterhouse, havent tried Craftsteak yet), Smith and Wollensky. I would skip Porter House (much better to be had in our great steak city) and Sparks (do not have bone-in steaks). Another option would be Del Frisco's if you are near Rockefeller center and are looking for a great view.

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            Willie Mae's 11-3 M-Sat. Emeril's is by far his best. We dine there regularly. Be sure to get a resv. in the main dining room. Delmonico's steaks aren't in the ballpark with NYC steakhouses. Smith and Wollensky used to have an outpost here (IMO best in NOLA) but sadly didn't return post K. I'm not looking for something different, just THE best bone -in, crusty strip. I look forward to my visits home and the foods that just can't be duplicated ( pizza, belly lox and a good pastrami sandwich). BTW, a po boy is just a sandwich on French bread, usually dressed with iceberg, tomatoes and pickles. RB is essentially well done, shredded beef w/gravy. Some po boys are very good, but not on par with a good sub. Another good option: Cuvee (shrimp remoulade napoleon or pork cheek app. if available). Avoid chicken/waffles.

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              send him to peter luger's in williamsburg or ben bensons

          2. Momofuko Noodle Bar southern style fried chicken blows Willie Mae's out of the water, don't bother with it.
            For roast beef poboy, if that's something you want to try, R&O's, Parkway or Parasol's.

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              I have to second R&O's (Metairie/Lakeview area) for their Roast Beef po-boy as well as their shrimp po-boy. Antoher don't miss (as a quintessential NOLA experience) is beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde, at night (preferably Fri or Sat), for watching people and listening to some great music; we heard some great performers playing in front of CdM a couple of weekends ago. It was a great memory to take away from our visit.

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                Parasol's is only good for it's reputation of being well known. Their roast beef isn't good.
                Try Parkway Bakery or even Parran's on Veterans.

                1. re: ghc630

                  as a frequent eater of the roast beef across town, i must disagree with this sentiment. more often than not, Parasol's roastbeef poboy is exactly what it should be -- wet, messy, flavorful, on good bread. while i like Parkway's, its always been a #2 for me.

                  Parkway's Thanksgiving Poboy is an amazing feat, however.

              2. add to your list:
                Luke for lunch or for oysters and apps at the bar.
                Clancy's for oysters w/brie, sweetbreads, soft shell crabs, veal chop, frozen brandy alexander for dessert.
                Patois, well, for everything.

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                1. NYer here

                  august is a must do. i think it is the best mix of modern sensibilities like in new york palces, with the flavors and ingredients of NOLA

                  i know it goes against the common wisdom, but i like mothers for breakfast. yeah it's touristy. but something about it appeals to me. the waitresses are down home friendly. the debris is good. the grits are tasty.

                  is it amazing food? no. is it filling basic good breakfast - yeah

                  i like the oysters at acme

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                    I agree about Mother's, although I know that's not a popular opinion around here. I also like Camelia Grill for similar reasons--it's a unique experience that you can't have anywhere else.

                    I would also say you need to go to Galatoire's...it's a can't-miss institution. Love the crab meat cocktail.

                  2. If you plan on dining at one of Emeril's establishment, stick with Emeril's. I have never been a huge fan of NOLA. You will find it rushed and VERY open and loud. The food is not bad, but IMHO , it is at the bottom of his restaurants in New Orleans. For formal dinners I would recommend Stella, Restaurant August, Grill Room (At Windsor Court hotel was one of my best meals in recent history) Brigtsens and Bayona. Commander's (REserve the Garden Room) is a great spot for lunch and brunch and overall a better experience than dinner there. For oysters, try Casamento's located on Magazine Street. They trump Acme by far, but if you wish to stay in the Quarter try Felix's Oysters instead. I think breakfast at Brennan's is highly overated, but potentially something you should do once. For casual lunches or dinners, try Napoleon House, Parkway (for po boys) Mandina's or Joey K's. Best of luck!

                    1. I love Mandina's, usually for lunch. And although my opinion is apparently in the minority around here, I enjoy their 1/2 shrimp 1/2 oyster poboy - and they should have a soft shell crab poboy around this time of year...

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                        Also really like Patois, but always hear from tourists that cabs have trouble finding it (though it's not hard to find). Luke is good for raw bar only, the restaurant itself can be a gamble. Mahoney's is a newer place for Po-Boys and is good with unbeatable happy hour beer prices ($1.50 for Abita amber). Love Galatoire's, and it is an institution (I reccomend Peter or Imre as waitors, don't make a reservation. You want to sit downstairs). Willie Mae's opens at 11 and get there at 11. You'll wait a while otherwise, but it is worth it. Also, for dessert, hit Sucre, La Divina or the Creole Creamery for ice cream (that last is a personal fave).

                        1. re: Brittbabelsu

                          I would definitely recommend Creole Creamery. Everyone can find something that they love there. I personally LOVE the salted caramel and haven't ordered any thing else in a few months. YUM!

                      2. These would be my musts:
                        Dinner: Restaurant August (the one absolute don't miss), Herbsaint, Brigstens or Clancy's, Coquette or Iris
                        Note: The Commander's experience, if you must have it, is better for brunch or lunch than dinner.
                        Lunch: Willie Mae's (and yes, get there by 11), Cochon, Galatoire's, Parkway Tavern for po-boys (which are better than any sub I've had anywhere, mainly because of the bread--bland, airy French that is the perfect vehicle for the delicious fillings, the best, imo, being those that are spicy and fried or drippy and rich). Herbsaint and Clancy's are also good lunch choices.
                        Breakfast: Cafe du Monde, Coffee Pot, Luke (good breakfast can be found, but NO is not a great breakfast town--weekend brunch is taken more seriously. To me, Dante's Kitchen has the best brunch in town.

                        Agree that Mr. B's is good for Gumbo Ya-Ya and BBQ Shrimp, but can't rec much else there, but you could make a good lunch of that.

                        Do try Patois for something--lunch, brunch, or dinner.

                        have fun.

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                        1. re: nomadchowwoman

                          Wow thanks for all the recs. What makes Commander's different at brunch compared to dinner?

                          1. re: steakrules85

                            First, I'd point you to the original poster in this thread (scroll down to the part abt. CP)who went recently for dinner: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/652525

                            Next, I will say that I have never had a spectacular meal at Commander's. I've had some very good ones and two very bad ones--undercooked chicken once (they replaced my entree w/overcooked chicken as my tablemates were having dessert) and a very bad special lunch salad the last time I was there (soggy fried oysters, overdressed greens, overpowering olives and capers, which I guess just don't go with oysters when it comes down to it, imo).

                            That said, the food can be very good and the brunch food I've selected always has been. And CP brunch is a classic NO experience. The place is big and bright and colorful and opulent. Add the live jazz and mimosas or bloody marys or milk punch or whatever and everyone dressed up and laughing and you have a happy spectacle. It's fun.

                            Lunch is also a little like that although lunch is where I've had the bad meals--but I've also had very good lunch there. And lots of fun.

                            For the $$$$ you will spend for dinner at CP, you can just get much better, more consistently fantastic meals in NO, imo.

                            Now I have friends who tell me they would go to CP just for the souffle bread pudding. I have never gotten the hype on that either, but I don't have a sweettooth and would just as soon trade dessert calories for an appetizer or another drink, so I'm not a valid critic for sure. But even if you were to looove the bread pudding, you can order it at lunch or brunch.

                            1. re: nomadchowwoman

                              Thanks again.

                              Looks like I have these as definites right now after doing some fairly extensive research. Since I will probably not be back to NO for quite some time I want to try the classics.... Galatoire's and Commander's are both definites for me. I think I will be doing either Emeril's New Orleans or NOLA (I love Emeril). That takes care of dinner for 3 nights. For the fourth night, I am thinking either Antoine's, Brennan's, Cochon, or Restaurant August. May lean towards Restaurant August since many say it is the best restaurant in all of New Orleans. Plus Antoine's maybe be too similar of an experience as Galatoire's, although after watching Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations (love that show) I must say this place was intriguing.

                              I will be leaving NO on a Monday afternoon around 4pm, so I am thinking we may skip over to Willie May's as a last treat before we head back home to NYC. Is Willie May's on the way to the airport does anyone know? If not, we may try something else for a bite before we head home... maybe NOLA for lunch if we don't do it for dinner. Or maybe we'll swing by for something more casual like a Po Boy or a Muffaletta to get the full NO experience. After all the other 4 nights seem to be expensive higher end dinners.

                              One final note.. is Haydel's the best for king cakes????

                              1. re: steakrules85

                                Willie Mae's is about a four iron shot from the edge of the French Quarter. Antoine's and Galatoire's have similarities as do all the old places but they are emphatically not the same experience. To very your scheme I think you;d be best with August for that fourth night but Antoines does still have the only true Rockefeller and that is worth having.

                                1. re: steakrules85

                                  Haydel's is good as are others, but not sure if you will be able to get your hands on one right now as they are done primarily during carnival season.
                                  Who has the best king cake is always up for debate and I'm sure that there has been at least one thread on that subject.

                                  If you make it to Willie Mae's, I'd love to hear how you think the chicken is. I myself found it marginal at best, but most on here rave about it. When you get back to NYC attempt to get reservations for the Momofuko chicken dinner, absolutely the best fried chicken I have ever had, as I mentioned before.

                                  1. re: roro1831

                                    I am actually supposed to be going to Momofuku at the end of the month when I come back from Louisiana.

                                    I thought king cakes were around year round. Damn.

                                    1. re: steakrules85

                                      You can get "King Cakes" outside the Carnival Season but they are illegal but it is like a Moral Obligation--it is recognized but unenforceable.

                                      1. re: steakrules85

                                        King cakes are year round - you just have to order in advance. Haydel's takes orders but they are closed on Sunday and Monday. Can also order online for shipping back home: www.haydelbakery.com. Delicious!

                                        1. re: NOLAFoodieLLC

                                          I yield to no man in my devotion to Haydel's and I don;t begrudge them making a buck but, honestly now, King Cakes year 'round? They should not be available year round and we all know it. An exiled New Orleanian might want one in, say, Tulsa, but outside of dire circumstances (e.g.deathbed) I cannot imagine this citizen having a Kings Cake outside Carnival. It ain't right. I see them a football games in school colors, with little footballs in them instead of the baby. Crass commercialism! A bas les mechants. Aux barricades! If we can Save Our Po'Boy, we otta Save Our Kings Cake. next thing you know, people wioll be "doing" laundry and groceries, to say nothing of walking on a sidewalk. Maybe using something other than Lea & Perrins? I better end before I wind up in the Slough of Despair. It is Friday the 13th, after all......

                                    2. re: steakrules85

                                      I hope some other CHs will weigh in and steer you away from Brennan's for one of your four must-do dinners. If anything, Brennan's for breakfast, but really, I never hear anyone rec. Brennan's as a must-do dinner place.

                                      1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                        A friend goes there once a year, just before Xmas, with a long-standing pack of college friends. that is a lunch affair. He says it has been fine in recent years--and these guys have pulled their patronage from places before. It must be said that they always tank up at Absinthe House. But I agree with your view.

                                        1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                          The last time we tried Brennan's, the service was so bad that we walked out. Will not go back to a place where they swear the soft shells are fresh when they can't possibly be.

                                          1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                            Have to agree with nomad on this one....Brennan's for brunch - definitely; dinner - no.

                                        2. re: nomadchowwoman

                                          I've had three Commander's Palace lunches in as many years, and I have NEVER been disappointed! I've never been for dinner but I can't get enough of them for lunch.

                                          The bread pudding soufflee is AWESOME...if you like sweet things, as you point out!

                                          What do you think of Galatoire's? Our experience there was TERRIBLE...bad food, bad service, etc...

                                          1. re: peachacid

                                            Just seeing this now. Glad you like your CP lunches.

                                            To answer the questions about Galatoire's. There are many things on the menu I enjoy. But I've had a few that I didn't. And there are many better restaurants in terms of food, imo. But it is a New Orleans *experience* to go to Galatoire's--and especially to while away a Friday afternoon in drunken camaraderie w/ the other patrons, many of them "regulars." But this loud and raucous experience is not for everyone.

                                            While I don't think treating tourists shabbily is the norm at Galatoire's, I've seen it done. In fact, many years ago, we took my in-laws, one of whom was visiting NO for the first time. Having read all her life about Galatoire's she wanted to go there. From her questions and my FIL's, it became clear to the waiter that they (and by his mistaken assumption, we) were tourists. The attitude and service were awful. And the food was nothing for them to write postcards about. (We tried politely sending back something; it came back exactly the same, and the waiter sneered as put it down.) The experience unfortunately colored MIL's opinion of NO for the rest of her life.

                                            Many would disagree, but I don't like restaurants that treat tourists diferently from locals or "regulars." IMO, a truly good restaurant treats everyone special. And Lord knows, in NOLA, tourists are our lifeblood. We should never bite the hand that feeds us (or that we try to feed, in NO's case).

                                            So my feelings about Galatoire's are mixed. Have been many times since that bad experience and have had great times, most recently on a rather (I'm a lightweight compared to some!) debauched Friday a few weeks before Christmas. Spent one unforgettable Friday before Mardi Gras years ago as a guest of some "regulars" who'd snagged a table. Loads of fun. But it will never be my favorite restaurant, esp. when my objective is to sit quietly, chat w/my dining companions, and have a fabulous meal.

                                      2. re: nomadchowwoman

                                        Re: lousy subs/bread: Where I grew up we never ate Subway or Blimpie. We went to Italian groceries and mom and pop sub shops. Have you ever had prosciutto di Parma, imported provolone with Portugese peppers fried in olive oil and garlic on REAL crusty Italian bread...the kind that gives your jaws a work out, not the pretzel bread served Iin NOLA? Fennel Italian sausage with sauteed onions, peppers and homemade marinara? Spicy capicola instead of generic ham? These are as unlike "chain" subs as Pizza Hut is to NY/Jersey pizza.

                                        1. re: JazzyB

                                          I've never had a Subway or a Blimpie sandwich. I have eaten what were referred to as subs in Philly and in New York and a few places in between. A sausage and peppers sandwich or prosciutto on ciabatta I would not consider a sub. But if you do, then I agree that that is a good sandwich. But sandwiches layered w/sliced meats and cheese on thick bread, I'm just not so fond of, even if it's in NOLA and called a po-boy.
                                          BTW, I never said your subways had lousy bread. What I said is that the French bread generally used for po-boys ("lousy," if you want to call it that; it's sure not good table bread imo or akin to anything the French actually bake) is the perfect vehicle for our heavy po-boy fillings because it is crunchy, not dense, and not distracting. The po-boy IS about the bread in the sense that the right po-boy bread must not upstage the fillings. And pretzel bread is a very particular bread, not found much in New Orleans. Where, pray tell, did you have a po-boy on "pretzel bread"?
                                          If you aren't crazy about po-boys, that's ok. I just wouldn't want the OP to skip trying our local sandwich specialty, one that many tourists, food writers, other CHS enjoy as much as the locals do.

                                          1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                            NOT ciabatta, , crusty loaves wider and shorter than a baguette and equal in quality to what the French bake. The crust is thicker and crustier than La Boulangerie baguettes, the interior somewhere between Boulangerie and sour dough w/o the sour dough flavor. Some bakeries actually form them skinny like a baguette and totally cover them (top and bottom) in sesame seeds. Your jaws truly get a workout. FWIW, I think subway bread is lousy. I lived in Philly for a couple of years and was not enthralled with their subs or cheese steaks. I call NOLA Italian bread "pretzel bread" b/c it reminds me of those big doughy pretzels. Nothing at all like what you get from Italian stores/bakeries up north. Similiarly not available in NOLA, Jewish and Russian rye, hardrolls from a Jewish bakery..

                                            I actually like po boys. Yes, Leidenheimers makes excellent po boys (the reason I prefer Bozo's oyster po boy to Casamentos). I just can't see visitors wasting a NOLA meal on a sandwich. That' is why I recommend folks pick up a muff from CG "to take home".

                                            roro, You are so right, it's about flavors you grew up with. I will be bringing back a 5# Taylor ham bullet and some Sabretts, size 10.

                                            1. re: JazzyB

                                              I guess it depends what you're looking for. If someone wants to get an understanding of New Orleans food culture, a good po-boy at least once seems de rigeur; it's a cornerstone of working class food. And if it's good--and granted, lots aren't--it doesn't seem like a wasted meal. (That said, I try to limit myself to about 1/2 pb a month so I can eat all the other things I love and try to keep my weight under control.)
                                              But I'm curious about your reference to Italian bread--a typo?--(not ciabatta, which I love for sandwiches no matter what they're called!). The stuff generally sold here as "Italian bread," not good at all imo, is not what the great po-boy places use for po-boys. They use NOLA "French" bread (about which much has been written), made usually by Leidenheimer or Gendusa bakeries (note those names . . .), nothing, of course, like the "real" French bread one would get in Paris or, here, at La Boulangerie.

                                              My dad loved NOLA-style French bread. Once, with misguided good intentions, I told him I'd bring him some fabulous French bread. I brought some baguettes from La Boulangerie, and he was bewildered by their density and chewiness. What he liked, I discovered, was "regular" French bread.

                                              Bread, po-boys, gumbo, Galatoire's, Commander's: minor wars have been fought over these subjects.

                                              So I think I'll just go and make myself a BLT, on whole grain bread (sacrilege!) , with lots of Duke mayo.

                                              1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                                Did Leidenheimer bring back Angelo Gendusa"s? Last I heard it was not coming back...their gigettes, after 4:00, were terrific.

                                                1. re: hazelhurst

                                                  I assumed they were still around, but maybe not. I just know they used to be one of the two main bakeries for NOLA-style French. Maybe it's just Leidenheimer (who I think took over Susan Spicer's bakery operation several years ago;don't know if that still exists in any guise).

                                                2. re: nomadchowwoman

                                                  nomadchowwoman: http://greenwichvillagenydailyphoto.b...

                                                  maximize the picture, Italian bread pictured lower left.

                                                  1. re: JazzyB

                                                    Yes, yes, we agree. I know there is and have had great Italian bread in the northeast. (Mom's a Yankee, and all my life, she's gotten exercised about what passes for Italian bread here) so I'm not defending NOLA's "Italian" bread in the least, not even defending NOLA-style French bread--except as a a great vehicle for poboy stuffing. I thought you were calling the po-boy bread "pretzel bread," but I must have misunderstood the comparison.
                                                    NO is not a great bread city though we have many more options than we used to, so it's better.
                                                    But our po-boys, that's another story!

                                                    1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                                      I've been around "That's Not Italian Bread!" fights in Boston, New York, Jersey City, Philadelphia, trenton, Danbury,Conn...you name it...always lolts of fun. And the soprasetta (and melee over proper spelling, too) fights are even better.

                                                3. re: JazzyB

                                                  You cannot buy a sub in Philly unless it's at Subway...=)

                                                  Did you ever try Tony Luke's?

                                                4. re: nomadchowwoman

                                                  The only "sub" you'll find in Philly is the one that floats underwater. Sandwiches are called "hoagies"...

                                                  Po-Boys were fantastic, especially at Mahoneys on Magazine.

                                                  1. re: kriscolby

                                                    I stand corrected, but I have eaten sandwiches referred to as "subs" somewhere. I don't recall the sandwiches I've had in Philly being called hoagies, but I'm no connoisseur of Philly sandwiches, believe me. i ate a few that people said I should, but there are too many good things to eat there for me to focus on sandwiches, which are not my favorite food genre anywhere although I do love a good roast beef or fried oyster po-boy. A lot.

                                                    1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                                      A hoagie is like a po' boy in that it's on a similarly shaped roll. It's long. Usually the bread is not cut all the way through, and it's filled with normal sub stuffs: Italian, or turkey & cheese. There are a bunch of different peppers people like to put on 'em as well. If you were a visiting tourist to Philadelphia, you wouldn't really have gotten a hoagie -- it's more like the food you eat on your lunch break. Unless you went to Tony Luke's which is pretty darn good.

                                                      1. re: peachacid

                                                        I'll remember that for the next visit.

                                                5. re: JazzyB

                                                  I have and while they are good, it doesn't compare to the roast beef poboys which I crave on a daily basis. You just can't get a roast beef poboy or anything close up here in Jersey. I visit Fiore's, A&S Pork Store and Vito's on a regular basis. They are great, not doubting that, but a roast beef poboy, because that is what I grew up with, as you with great subs, is what I miss the most. A roast beef and mozzarella just doesn't compare.

                                              2. High end- 1)Stella! 2)August 3)Herbsaint 4)Iris 5)Bayona

                                                Mid range- 1)Cochon 2)Boucherie 3)Lilette

                                                Lunch/Breakfast- 1)Satsuma 2)Butcher 3) Willie Mae's 4)Cafe Amelie(brunch)

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                                                1. I would definitely recommend Cafe du Monde (you won't even have to put sugar in your coffee--there is so much floating through the air), Cochon, Camellia Grille (the waiters are really fun), and, of course, a muffaletta at Cental Grocery. Enjoy!

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                                                  1. re: DinnerChick11

                                                    It's true that the beignets at Cafe Du Monde were noticeably superior to those anywhere else. My wife is convinced that there's more egg in the batter at Cafe du Monde than elsewhere.

                                                  2. Just got back from New Orleans with two foodies from NYC.
                                                    Amazing meal at Jacque-Imo's. Ridiculously good and great atmosphere. I think they don't put their menu on line for the sole reason of people drooling onto their keyboards and shorting out the circuitry.
                                                    Breakfast at Elizabeth's. Make sure to order the praline bacon or the pork jowl sandwich.
                                                    Oysters are a must at Acme for quality and atmosphere. Tried to get to Drago's for chargrilled oysters, but didn't make it. But in my opinion, the oysters at Cooter Brown's are the the cheapest and the best in the city. When you add their ridiculously large beer list into the equation, there isn't a better match in town.
                                                    Nat and Maddie's at the Riverbend. Amazing (and inventive) food and a very cool little restaurant. Purely a local place.
                                                    While I agree that Mother's isn't what it used to be, they still make the best ham I've ever had and it's worthwhile just for that.
                                                    For a great burger go to Port O' Call at the end of the quarter.
                                                    Skip Galatoire's(it's stuffy, way too old fashioned, and resting on their laurels). If you do Brennan's go for dinner, not breakfast with the other tourists. Then again skip both.
                                                    People rave about the Po' Boys at Parkway Bakery, but I'm still a fan of Johnny's in the French Quarter, especially if you get a half oyster/half softshell crab po'boy.
                                                    If you like beer, make a trip up to the Abita Brewery on the North Shore. The brewery isn't much to look at, but the brewhouse restaurant down the road is fantastic.
                                                    And for a true taste of old school New Orleans, you must get gelato at Angelo Brocato's. I can't believe people left that one off the list. A true New Orleans tradition.

                                                    1. Brigtsen's, pronounced bright-sens, probably the best and most consistent restaurant in the city. Like everywhere else, the locals know the best spots, spots that tourists may or may not find. This is creole cuisine elevated to the highest level. For something funky and more offbeat, try Elizabeth's in the Bywater section.

                                                      1. I can't say enough great things about Elizabeth's. I would go there every day of the week if I could. The praline bacon burger is amazing and they IMO, have the best Fried Chicken, Dunbars Uptown being a close second as well as Coops in the Quarter.

                                                        Mandinas has the best Turtle soup ever.

                                                        Talk the Muffletta home w/ you on the plane. Travels well and even better next day. Get there early to get in and out quick, they WILL sell out.

                                                        Beneigts and cafe au lait a must. Desert at the Creole Creamery is a must. As far as King Cake, there is a french version of the cake available at Maurices off Transcontinental, they have the traditional version too.

                                                        1 Reply
                                                        1. re: enigmatic123

                                                          agree about elizabeths. wonderful food and underrated as a dinner place.

                                                        2. Alright so.. so far this is what I have planned. Keep in mind I still have a few weeks to make some changes. But I am one who likes to be organized so I made some plans ahead of time.

                                                          Thursday- Reservations at Galatoire's for 6pm for our first night. Nothing like starting the trip off with a bang! Haha I know it is the second floor and the real "experience" is on the first floor. But I did not want to jinx having to wait on line forever to get in. If we arrive and the wait is not too long I will request to sit on the first floor and disregard the reservation for upstairs.

                                                          Friday- Reservations at NOLA

                                                          Saturday- Not sure yet. I am thinking of getting reservations at Antoine's since they are closed for dinner on Sunday. My original plan was to do Antoine's after the Giants and Saints game but obviously now thats out. I may decide to do something else for Saturday- perhaps Restaurant August or maybe K-Paul's. Anyone think these would be better options? I know most people are going to say definitely August over Antonine's, but I don't want to miss out on the quintessential NO restaurant. Are reservations a must for Antoine's on a Sat night or do you think I would be able to just swing by there in the event that I decide to do it anyway?

                                                          Sunday- We will be going to the Giants game and oh many am I psyched. The game starts at 12 so I am guessing it will end close to 3:15 or so, depending on how many points are scored (and yes both teams can light it up so I expect this to be a long ball game). By the time we get back to the hotel it will be closer to 4-4:15 I assume. So right now the plan is to go to Commander's Palace for a 6-6:30 dinner.

                                                          Monday- We depart at 6pm. Probably need to be at the airport by about 4:30 or so. So I am thinking we will need to head for the airport around 4. So I was thinking lunch around 1:30 or 2 somewhere. I have Emeril's New Orleans booked for lunch, but that can also change. Other things I am considering are Cochon or possibly Willie Mae's (although I do not know how far from the airport it is.. will have to research)

                                                          Other places along the way that I am going to make sure to hit are... Angelo Brocato's for some gelato and pastries (maybe stop their for brekkie one day), Cafe du Monde for breakfast, one of the sno bliz places (I heard Hansen's is the best but it is kind of out of the way). If we are nearby one day and are in the mood for a snack, I was thinking perhaps swinging by Mr.B's for some BBQ shrimp. Maybe even on the first night before Galatoire's as an appetizer =)!!

                                                          We will be trying to do a lot of things during the day like touring the Garden District, shopping, walking the French Quarter, going to the IMAX, and of course the football game on Sunday, so probably not too many lunch stops. I will try to get to Central Grocery, if only to get a muffaletta to take home with me (do they stay good???)

                                                          Ok so now what of my updated itinerary.

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                                                          1. re: steakrules85

                                                            You are going to have a great time.

                                                            As you anticipated, I would stick with August or K-Paul's over Antoine's. You're already having the "quintessential NO restaurant" experience at Galatoire's.

                                                            Commander's after the game sounds like an awesome day. Nice one. If for whatever reason you decide you're too "tired" to make that dinner reservation, you could just to to Mr. B's after the game and get your BBQ shrimp then, or go somewhere more casual in the Quarter.

                                                            Cochon is a great place for a Monday lunch. They stay open straight through and it is not busy by the time you would be going. I'm sure Emeril's would be great too. Willie Mae's isn't any less on the way to the airport than anyplace else. It's easy to get to, if you decide to go with that.

                                                            Brocato's is NOT open on Monday, so don't try to do that on your way to the airport.

                                                            Hansen's is closed for the season :(

                                                            Muffalettas last just fine for a couple days, but Central Grocery is closed on Sunday and Monday.

                                                            1. re: uptownlibrarian

                                                              Wealth of knowledge thanks. Sad to hear about Hansen's. Are there any other snocone type places open that are good? Plums?

                                                              1. re: steakrules85

                                                                I honestly don't know. There are a few places that serve snoballs year round. If you're interested in Plum St., give them a call when you arrive. They open earlier in the spring than Hansen's, and might be open later in the fall. Tee-Eva's on Magazine St. has a decent snoball, and they are open year round. Really though, it's a hot weather thing. I personally wouldn't get too excited about a snoball in mid-October unless I had just run a marathon or something.

                                                                1. re: steakrules85

                                                                  FWIW, it's a snoball, not a snocone, there is a world of difference. What you get in any other city does not compare, with the exception of places that have opened elsewhere that get the proper equipment.
                                                                  If Plum Street is open you will not be disappointed. Chocolate with condensed milk.
                                                                  Shame Hansen's is closed for the season as they are the best, in my opinion and I grew up going to Plum Street.

                                                                  1. re: roro1831

                                                                    Or, at Hansen's, snobliz....I guess you could call the court and ask Judge Hansen's secretary when they will open up. I don't know the date but always look forward to it as part of my Great Uptown Dinner.

                                                                    1. re: roro1831

                                                                      Yeah I was going to say whats the different with the snoball and all that? I see there are flavors like cherry. blueberry. nectar. Then it says cream of blueberry, cream of nectar, etc. What the heck is the difference?

                                                                      And what is a snoball sundae? Is it ice cream mixed in with snoball? Seems like NO has a whole different vocab when it comes to food haha.

                                                                2. re: steakrules85

                                                                  I've heard all the hype about the scotch house, but if you want the absolute best fried chicken in the city, head to McHardy's Chicken and Fixin's on Broad, near the corner of Bayou rd. It's always hot and it's really cheap. They only sell chicken and fries (kinda of like the IN' N' Out of fried chicken), but man is it good. Absolutely make sure to eat as many po-boys for lunch as you can - there is no finer sandwich in my opinion. A really good place on the way to the airport to try is the Short Stop, which is on Transcontinental one block towards the lake from Airline. Parkway is really good but kinda of high for what you get. Johnny's in the quarter is consistently good, as is Guy's uptown on Magazine, and Zara's Little Giant Grocery (they have one on Prytania in the garden district near the corner of St Mary. It's a neat old neighborhood grocery that's worth checking out). Make sure to try the Hot Sausage patty wherever you go, and if it was me, I'd go to Rouse's or Dorignac's and buy a couple of tubs of Patton's Hot Sausage Patty's to take home. You cannot buy them outside of the state (becuase the company is small and only state inspected, not USDA) and they are so good. Just like every Po-Boy shop uses Leindenheimer bread, they only use Patton's if they're any good. And in my opinion, Muffelettas ar so-so and really not that good the next day

                                                                3. Let me preface my post by saying I would like to thank you all for your recommendations and wealth of knowledge. New Orleans was fantastic, one of the best trips I have ever been on. What a culinary adventure! Really one of the best food cities in the world (this coming from someone who eats in some of the greatest restaurants on the plant being from New York). Before I get into specifics here are some quick takeways from the NO food arena:

                                                                  1. The service is increible, friendly, accomodating, and on point everywhere.

                                                                  2. Bread hits the table almost immediately. Appetizers come out quickly thereafter, overall the spacing between courses was just right. Portion sizes were quite generous and the price were unbelievably cheap for such fine dining.

                                                                  3. Coffee was so incredible. The chicory is amazing and makes the difference. My father will never be able to have regular coffee ever again.

                                                                  Now onto where we actually ate and what we had.

                                                                  Thursday- We went to Galatoire's and absolutely loved it. It was everything that we expected and more. This is the one restaurant that I knew we could not miss and it was a true highlight for us. A can't miss for anyone who goes to NO. I have written a whole in depth review because I had to do it justice. We had the fried egglant and pommes souffle, oysters en brochette, fried soft shell crabs amandine with meuniere sauce and sauteed crabmeat, lamb chops with mushroom bordelaise, banana bread pudding, and the best coffee I have ever put to my lips. Everything was utterly stupendous.

                                                                  Friday- Had breakfast at Cafe du Monde. Beignets and cafe au lait. Beignets were great, but they were basically zeppoles which of course being Italian I LOVE! But nothing unique or out of the ordinary since I get these at home from some of the best authentic Italian bakeries in the country. The coffee was good but definitely not as strong in flavor as many of the other places we had it. Still if you go to NO you have to come here. Cool place and a nice inexpensive breakfast. For dinner we went to Emeril's NOLA. We were seated upstairs and had a great view overlooking the first floor from the balcony. I loved the layout of the restaurant, with the open kitchen and it was cool we took an elevator up to our table. The food once again incredible. Loved that they give you cornbread and a rosemary roll instead of your run of the mill bread. Leave it to Emeril of course he has to kick it up a notch. We had the BBQ shrimp ( incredible what is in that sauce yummm), crabcake, duck (melt in your mouth delicious), pork chop (so thick), side of cheddar grits (could have had this as an entree), bourbon chocolate pecan pie (only disappointment), white chocolate raspberry bread pudding (unbelievable), drunked monkey ice cream(the besttestttt lol). Once again great coffee and service. I highly recommend for anyone to come here. Can't miss for me.

                                                                  Saturday- Antoine's. Now I know everyone or just about everyone has said Antoine's is not the same and has gone downhill. But I disagree. We had a fantastic meal in the Annex Room. I am a sucker for old school places and this was such a great time for us. Loved all the dining rooms and we went through each one and took pictures. We were amazed that every single room was occupied with dining patrons. I think the city has definitely finally rebounded from the negativity Katrina brought. I was expecting it to be quite empty but it was packed. Again, service terrific. We were seated at a table in the back and had a great view of the entire dining room. We had the shrimp remoulade, crabmeat au gratin, chateaubriand for two, and of course we HAD to have the famous Baked Alaska which was simply the best most gluttonous dessert known to man. As my name indicates and for anyone who reads my posts regularly, you know I am a steak fanatic. I have eaten in some of the best steakhouses in the country. I am very critical when it comes to steak. Antoine's does a meal chateaubriand, and I am one who usually does not order steaks that are not bone-in. However, this was delicious. They delivered on my extra bloody rare request which was impressive, since many places (even great steakhouses) cannot execute it. I loved that they sliced it tableside and plated it right before our eyes in typical vintage old school style. It came with delicious fried potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, alciatore sauce, marchand de vin, and demi bordelaise (garlic butter so awesome!). We also added a side of the glazed carrots. Everything was so tasty. And oh my god.. the Baked Alaska says it feeds two- maybe two offensive lineman. But again so seriously delicious. Even after all of that food my father and I couldn't stop eating it and put a really good dent into it. But it was so artistic that it was almost a shame to destroy it. They put so much effort into this masterpiece, but it is even more delicious than it is beautiful.

                                                                  Sunday- Unfortunately, we were very depressed because our beloved Giants lost to the Saints. That was the only damper and negative of our trip. To make up for it, we hoped Commander's Palace could ease the blow and massage our bruised egos. Again it goes without saying that we got incredible service. The garlic bread is seriously addicting. We had to try gumbo somewhere before we left so my dad got the special duck and mushroom gumbo and it was delicious. We also went with the shrimp and tasso henican and oysters absinthe dome. Both great starters. For mains I went with the Veal Chop and my dad had a special duck breast. My veal was perfectly rare and huge. The goat cheese grits were a great complement. My father's duck was a disappointment. Unfortunately, the dish was boring and just not great. We loved duck but this just didn't deliver. Very salty and the side of rice it came with had chunks of weird seeds in it. Probably should have went with a more signature entree. We also got a side of sauteed crabmeat, which turned out to be horrible. The crabmeat was soaked in some kind of alcohol and tasted bitter. They took this off the bill thankfully. Highlight of the meal was definitely dessert. Since my father's was a complete meal, he elected for the bread pudding souffle. We also being gluttons added the cheesecake and praline parfait. Without a doubt, the bread pudding souffle MAY be the best dessert or tied with the Baked Alaska as the best I have had. What a creation. Cheesecake and praline parfait were redonckulous also. The coffee was the strongest I have ever had. I didn't care for it because it actually tasted like it had alcohol in it. But my father loves strong coffee and he really enjoyed it, which I am glad about since he didn't love his entree much. Overall, we are glad we went because it is just one of those places you need to go to. Great atmosphere, service. Left a little disappointed, but the desserts at the end served as a great ending.

                                                                  Monday- Emeril's New Orleans the flagship for lunch. After being blown away at NOLA, I was excited about this. As a huge Emeril fan I had to go to the original. Loved the cornbread and potato roll. Again, nothing is ordinary at Emeril's restaurants. We had the lamb spare ribs and the abita root beer braised fresh bacon salad. EASILY the two BEST appetizers of the trip. If you go here get these do yourself a favor. Unfreakinbelivably amazing. For entrees, my dad went with the chicken and waffles and I ordered the ribeye off the dinner menu because I am a pain in the ass. They didn't even blink an eye and granted my request. Dad's chicken and waffles were fantastic. The chicken was deliciously juicy dark meat and the waffles had bits of corn in it. All was accompanied by a great sweet and spicy maple syrup infused with crystal sauce and a watermelon cole slaw whose coolness was a nice counterbalance to the spicyness of the hot sauce. My ribeye was great also. It came with arugula and tomato salad with gorgonzola, bacon lardons, and the best roasted potatoes ever. Portion was very generous and cooked to perfectly rare as I had ordered again. Dessert was something I was looking forward to my whole trip. This was our last meal of New Orleans, so this was the last thing we would put into our mouth. The signature Banana Cream Pie. What a masterpiece. Everything I love or really anyone would love in a dessert. Banana, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, caramel sauce? Umm delicious yes please!!!! I'll have some more. All of this pressed into a graham cracker crust and I was singing I'm in heaveeeeeeeeeeenn, I'm in heavennnn. As if that wasn't enough I had to guild the lily with white chocolate, bourbon chocolate, and the special milk chocolate peanut butter ice creams. What a fantastic finish to a fantastic trip.

                                                                  Thank you New Orleans. You were terrific..delicious. I will be back and I cannot thank you enough. I can't wait!!!!

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                                                                  1. re: steakrules85

                                                                    Great report, glad you enjoyed NOLA. Thanks for coming. Geaux Yankees!

                                                                    1. re: JazzyB

                                                                      thanks for reporting back on the trip.
                                                                      I grew up on coffee and "trickery", as I call it. If I can stand a spoon up in it, all the better. Once drank an entire pot of Galatoire's coffee, thought I'd be up all night washing cars to burn it off. You can buy your Dad some local coffee (if you didn't bring any back), or you can buy chicory to add to your own coffee.
                                                                      hurry back!

                                                                      1. re: edible complex

                                                                        We did buy the cafe du monde blend. Hopefully it tastes as good as the coffee in New Orleans. Although, their coffee was not as strong as the others. Galatoire's said they blend their own special brew.

                                                                        1. re: steakrules85

                                                                          My ( N.J.) parents became converts of chicory coffee 20+ years ago while visiting. That's all they drink. They prefer "French Market" and "Luzianne". I used to mail it to them. Dad now gets it at Weggmans.

                                                                    2. re: steakrules85

                                                                      Thank you for your reviews. I think a lot of what goes into a restaurant experience is the expectations and baggage one brings into the place. You obviously were primed for a good time and found what you wanted and I'm glad you did.

                                                                      However, being the business it is there were probably people in the same places at the same time eating the same thing that you did but that walked out disappointed. Something about horses for courses and courses for horses? (Or shouldn't horses and restaurants be used in the same paragraph?)

                                                                      Now hurry back and hit the places you didn't get a chance to try this trip.

                                                                      1. re: steakrules85

                                                                        Oh...my...gosh....this is by far the most mouth-watering, fun report I have ever read. I am going to NOLA Feb 26-Mar 2 and you have me psyched! Bread pudding heaven, I can't believe it! Thank you for posting it, and thanks to everyone for the advice. I am also from NY- transplanted in DC suburb now- and I come from an Italian Deli family. So- I love good food. What made you choose Emeril's NOLA over the original for dinner? Was it because you were going to the flagship one for lunch? Both sound fabulous but would you agree with the other posts that if I had to choose one, it should be the original Emerils? Also, we get there on Friday at 10AM, and probably can't even check into our hotel. Is Friday lunch at MUST-DO? If so...where?
                                                                        Thank you, and I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip. I just can't wait to go!

                                                                      2. Glad you had such a delicious time here in our city! Spread the word!

                                                                        1. Hi steakrules85, fellow NY chowhounder here. I've been down to NO many times, and here's my $0.02: Avoid Galatoire's. I went there twice, and that was twice too many. The place is loud, waiters are rude, and the food is absolutely horrible. Another point against them: they insist gents wearing jacket. My boyfriend showed up in a classic Ascot Chang blazer, and the host asked "Is that a jacket?"
                                                                          Cannot be missed, from what you said you liked in NY: Cochon.

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                                                                          1. re: nohofoods

                                                                            Hmmm, steakrules went to Galatoire's and loved it. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

                                                                            1. re: roro1831

                                                                              Personaly, I found the complaint very funny.

                                                                              1. re: hazelhurst

                                                                                Ditto, but wanted to make them aware that Steak had gone and his opinion was very different

                                                                                1. re: roro1831

                                                                                  I absolutely loved Galatoire's and it was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had... whether in New Orleans or anywhere else. Like I said this is coming from someone who has dined in the finest restaurants my great city of New York houses. I did not experience anything that nohofoods said. The food was delicious, service flawless, and the overall time was great. You do need to wear a jacket but hey its just for a few hours and it is fun to dress up sometimes. My hotel was right around the corner so I just went back and changed after and continued on with the rest of my night. If that is the biggest hassle you encounter while dining here, consider it no biggie at all. I felt like I was transported back to old times and being in my early 20's it was quite cool. One last thing is that the price was really affordable for such fine dining. I have paid triple at other places and wasn't half as satisfied. When the bill came I was like huh really thats all???

                                                                                  1. re: steakrules85

                                                                                    Wow, inexpensive was never a word I have heard used to describe Galatoires. I have seen people choke when the count arrives. Galatoires really isn't for everyone, glad you enjoyed it. Sounds like you a great time in our wonderful city. ch

                                                                                    1. re: CharlieH

                                                                                      Well, considering the OP lives in New York, I can see where he would say that, especially by references he has made to places he likes up here.
                                                                                      Sure when you live in New Orleans those places seem expensive, but having moved up to the NY area and eating in New York at nice restaurants, I can't wait to get home and eat much cheaper, even at the expensive places.
                                                                                      Hell, two fried chickens at Momofuko run $100, but that is split between the number of people in your party and doesn't really come with anything else to speak of. Did I pay it, yes, was it worth it, definitely. Could a place in New Orleans do that, no way.

                                                                                      1. re: CharlieH

                                                                                        It is still a good value, although not as great a value as it used to be. Moreover, if you order judiciously,you can get out for a lot less than comparable places elsewhere. Booze runs it up, of course, but if you stop at one drink and stick to simpler wines, well, it is fine.

                                                                                        The wine list--which is "new"---is needed today but I kinda liked the old one: "French: Red Bordeaux; White Graves" etc.

                                                                            2. May not be the most attractive place in town, but the Vietnamese cuisine is wonderful. The entire selection of Pho (soup) is great, especially the Spicy Beef Soup. They have a a good selection of traditional grilled pork, chicken and beef with vermicelli, and attached is a small bakery with a variety of sweets and breads that shouldn't be missed.

                                                                              Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery
                                                                              14207 Chef Menteur Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70129

                                                                              1. At all costs DO NOT GO TO DANIEL'S IN THE ESPLANADE. This place is awful and not the food has no consistency.

                                                                                1. Chowhounds just back from our first NOLA trip and had a fantastic trip. Many of our impressions were similar to others on this string
                                                                                  1. Overall the food was great. Service was surprisingly tepid but we attributed that to the churn the labor market's been through in the last few years since "Da Stom"
                                                                                  2. August was far and away the best we had. Fantastic in multiple ways. We kept trying to think of some excuse to go back and order a half dozen bowls of the shrimp bisque (which bears an uncanny resemblance to the best bouillabaisse I ever had).
                                                                                  3. Cochon was good but not great. Could have been had in any city but still very solid.
                                                                                  4. The post on Mr. B's and the BBQ shrimp was for real. Even though the place has a factory feel, the food was surprisingly excellent and we'd go back in a heartbeat.
                                                                                  5. For Po'Boys, don't miss Mahoney's on Magazine (and Muffalettas)
                                                                                  6. One of the best meals we had was at a Zydeco palace called Mulate's. Food was very good but the place was grand with big families dancing and a Zydeco band playing.
                                                                                  7. Commander's Palace was exactly what we expected; no more, no less (although the Hibiscus Martini was grand)
                                                                                  8. Abita beer was a pleasant surprise
                                                                                  8. Lastly, Spotted Cat for music was great.

                                                                                  3 Replies
                                                                                  1. re: kriscolby

                                                                                    I've heard only terrible things about Mulate's so it's intriguing to see such a positive mention.

                                                                                    Also, Commander's "no more, no less" than expected? What did you expect? I can't tell if this is a positive or negative mention.

                                                                                    1. re: kukubura

                                                                                      I ate there once, and it was indeed terrible. Maybe they've improved?

                                                                                      1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                                                                        I'd say it's like going to Pat's and Geno's for steaks in Philly. The entire experience makes it a worthy trip even if you could find a better cheesesteak somewhere else...

                                                                                  2. Just got back from 4 days in NOLA. In addition to beignets from CdM, and po'boys from Johnny's for lunch, we had dinner at Commander's Palace, Brigsten's, Irene's (The escargot rock!), and Galatoire's. Frankly, I wish we'd just eaten something different every night at Galatoire's. CP was definitely off its game. If you're staying in or near the Quarter, Briigsten's is a $40 RT by cab, and the food is just okay. At Irene's, something were great, some not. At Galatoire's, every dish pleased, and the service was perfect. I have to say that people-watching at all four places was fascinating.

                                                                                    1 Reply
                                                                                    1. re: pikawicca

                                                                                      Irene's escargot does indeed rock as does their duck (just expect a wait - mgmt refuses to overload the kitchen)

                                                                                    2. Do not miss out on our little secret called Dick and Jennys and Brigtsens!!

                                                                                      Jaquimos( Best Alligator Cheesecake and blackened red fish),
                                                                                      Dick and Jennys(Love this place! Everything is good. wear jeans!)
                                                                                      Commanders Palace(MY FAV)
                                                                                      Muriels(Turtle Soup, Goat Cheese Crepes, and Pecan crusted drum),
                                                                                      Coffee Pot (FAVORITE RED BEANS and breakfast),
                                                                                      Upperline, Yummy turtle soup and fish,
                                                                                      Napolean House( FAV. LUNCH SPOT),
                                                                                      One on Hampson( BEST DUCK GUMBO)
                                                                                      Brigtsens( Everything is AWESOME),
                                                                                      Yo mama bar and grill( BEST HAMBURGERS)
                                                                                      Domileses(awesome poboys, FRIED SHRIMP and Roast Beef are my fav!),

                                                                                      1 Reply
                                                                                      1. The two places on my must-eat in NO list are Boucherie for boudin balls and Mr. B's for bbq shrimp. Acme is okay but I like Casamento's better.

                                                                                        1. yep avoid mother's! I have an affinity for Adolfo's on Frenchman Btwn chartes & royal. Get the crab and corn cannaloni woooweee!! Then or any of the fish dishes NOT the pasta. You want to get good pastas then go to Coops on Decatur. The pasta Opaloosa's is my favorite. Jaque Imo's on Oak is a great standard for dinner. Elizabeth's in the Bywater for brunch/dinner. Mimi's in the Marigny for Tapas. or Cafe Granada on Carollton. If you like beer check out Cooter Browns at the riverbend (where carollton meets St. Charles its a stop on the streetcar too) for over 40 beers on tap and an inventory that reaches 400! Great bar food there too, Their "bartender's Special hamburger" is topped with thier Homemade pastami. Irene's in the Quarter is good for fine dining, and then if you haven't passed out from a food coma yet, try to Two Sister's in the Treme for lunch. Those are just the tip of the ice berg, but it'll get ya started here in NOLA. Keep in mind that the Brennan's family owns 3 or 4 of the restaurants that you mentioned on your list so I'd pick Galatoire's for a looong Friday afternoon lunch, and the prixe fix Lunch at Commander's and then get out and explore other options! Diversify yer palate, if ya know what I mean.... Enjoy!

                                                                                          19 Replies
                                                                                          1. re: Allisyn

                                                                                            Again, the OP was here in October, no need for further recs for him.

                                                                                            1. re: roro1831

                                                                                              But others will see this thread and find it useful, perhaps, in the future.

                                                                                              1. re: pikawicca

                                                                                                That's exactly right. Chowhound discussions are here for the benefit of many, not just for the poster who poses the original question. Our goal is to build an archive of information that will provide chow tips to all.

                                                                                                1. re: pikawicca

                                                                                                  Yes, like me who is going in early March. Keep the info. coming, please! ;-)

                                                                                                2. re: roro1831

                                                                                                  Yes, I'm visiting in April - fine to keep the reviews/reccos coming. We're coming to town with a group of women in their 20s/30s. NO watch out. ;)

                                                                                                  1. re: smugbunny

                                                                                                    Please add me to the ever growing list of ladies headed down to NOLA. I'll be there (unfortunately for me, I do not pay attention to such dates) starting St. Patrick's Day for 5 days.

                                                                                                    There are so many threads on this forum on this subject I fear to start another yet I haven't seen much touching on the EVER so important subject of booze. I've got an expansive list (which I've mapped out on my Google Map to keep with me at all times) of restaurants but what about handcrafted cocktails? Every bit as important as food to me.

                                                                                                    Where are the good bars? Other than Bar Tonique, where a friend of a friend works and which came highly recommended to me for cocktails, where do I get the best traditional and not-so-traditional drinks? Grenades and Hurricanes need not apply.

                                                                                                    Also, where are the best dives? While I understand that the frat boys infiltrate the dives, maybe there are some that have gone somewhat untouched?

                                                                                                    Thank you for the awesome recommendations so far!!


                                                                                                    1. re: AnyaTika

                                                                                                      Lafitte's has been barely wired and while looks sort of Disney is the real thing (not to be confused with Lafitte's in exile anyway if you want gogo boys Bourbon Pub is the place)

                                                                                                      ignore most places along Bourbon esp the closer you get to Canal. Dauphine street has some interesting and slightly scary joints. up in the Garden District I definitely recommend The Columns for a bloody on a nice day and down in the Fauborg around Frenchman there's a 24/7 laundromat and bar that;s cool, right by the fire station sort of attached to a 'bed and beverage'.

                                                                                                      1. re: AnyaTika

                                                                                                        My absolute favorite is the Carousel, particularly if Eddie is tending bar. When the piano bar is going (not my kind of music in real life but really fun at the bar, i think it's wed-sat nights) and with a seat on the carousel it's a really fun place. Also they invented the Vieux Carre cocktail there. And Eddie's sazeracs are great.

                                                                                                        Also, I had a very early morning drink at Johnny White's on St Peter and chatted with bartender Evil Bob. Hell of a nice guy.

                                                                                                        1. re: kukubura

                                                                                                          piano bar is not my scene either but I have friends that have been going there since childhood, spins just fast enough that you come around to the bartender, not the other way. (Hotel Monteleone - around the corner from Felix and Acme)

                                                                                                        2. re: AnyaTika

                                                                                                          The bartender at Tujague's (Paul) is the real deal.....funny, gruff, and a heck of a mixologist. Loved him!....and his drinks. Can't vouch for any of the others, but he set the standard for me the rest of the trip.

                                                                                                          1. re: AnyaTika

                                                                                                            If you're willing to venture out into the wilds of mid-city, Clever (at the American Can Company complex on Orleans Ave., currently all torn up w/road construction) has interesting, top-quality cocktails and wine--and great cheese plates, too. It is a very cool place, intimate and comfortable, with music on weekends (no cover, just tip jar). Not a dive, not funky, but no frat boys either.

                                                                                                            1. re: AnyaTika

                                                                                                              I just returned from NOLA and we stumbled upon a gorgeous hotel bar on our way to Restaurant August for dinner. It was called Loa at the International House Hotel. It reminded me of The Rose Bar at The Gramercy Hotel in NYC(different but very similiar vibe) and the cocktails rivaled there's also. I had a Cheval, which was muddled cucumber w/ Belvedere vodka, fresh lime juice and ginger beer - perfectly refreshing... and reasonable at $12 (Gramercy would of charged $20). My friend had a bacon-infused bourbon cocktail. The white walls were softened by candlelight and the vintage chandeliers were gorgeous - pure opulence. Check it out: http://ihhotel.com/bar.html

                                                                                                              1. re: lynnlato

                                                                                                                yes, lynnlato--Loa is a great bar; good stumble!

                                                                                                                1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                                                                                                  Loved that place.

                                                                                                                  Another rec for a good dive bar is Vaughn's. We went on a Thursday night to Kermit Ruffins and had THE BEST time. Neat little honky tonk with the cheapest drinks I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. Great music, friendly weird folks and in the middle of nowhere (cabs waiting outside).

                                                                                                                  We also had a good time at Mimi's in the Marigny. Amazing late night tapas - I highly recommend the mushroom & manchego toasts, goat cheese croquetas & little lamb chops (outstanding). The juke box had a well-rounded selection and the booze was reasonably priced. Great atmosphere and I'm told they have a good DJ ( Soul Sister). http://www.mimisinthemarigny.com/

                                                                                                                  1. re: lynnlato

                                                                                                                    Ditto on both those. Looks like you hit some good places, LL--and hit Vaughn's at the right time too. Last time I was at Mimi's, people were dancing the Tango as we munched on our tapas.

                                                                                                                    1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                                                                                                      I got some GREAT recs from lots of locals on another thread I had started a while back. Here is a link to the thread and my report after I returned -


                                                                                                                      I had THE BEST time in your fine city, noma! I travel to nyc quite a bit to eat but I think it's time I started making regular treks to NOLA. The local folks we met throughout our stay were lovely, gracious and charming. The food was unbelieveable and the city is just beautiful. I can't wait to return.

                                                                                                                      I'm sorry I missed the Tango line at Mimi's - Ha! ;-)

                                                                                                          2. re: roro1831

                                                                                                            One thing that posters must realize is that though it is a "zombie" thread, others will likely find it, and look down the recs. The OP might have dined in NOLA in 2000, but recent recs. can help many others.

                                                                                                            When I am looking for recs. in a new area, I do not mind zombie threads, and will look at dates, to see what might be good, though the OP will not have benefited from those recs. - others are likely to do so.

                                                                                                            A forum, such as this if first to answer questions, but secondly to provide useful info to others, who might well visit a thread on a Search, years later.

                                                                                                            Do not be too hard on those, who respond, after the fact.



                                                                                                            1. re: Bill Hunt

                                                                                                              BH: yeah! I lurk around on certain cities' boards in hopes I'll have some reason to return and have a clue.

                                                                                                        3. I am not sure if anyone else has said this yet, but take Willie Mae's Scotch House off of your list. I am not sure how this place has received so much press and so many accolades but it is average at best as far as food taste and the service is frustrating. Dont waste a meal there. I think the best fried chicken is at McHardy's on Broad St. But not a sit down place. Strictly to go but delicious and cheap and fresh!

                                                                                                          1458 N Broad St
                                                                                                          New Orleans, LA 70119

                                                                                                          (504) 949-0000
                                                                                                          Add Photos

                                                                                                          1. Thanks for the recommendations, folk! I should have mentioned that I will be on foot for the most part but I think I have a fairly well located hotel on St. Charles.

                                                                                                            I'm so stoked!!

                                                                                                            5 Replies
                                                                                                              1. re: AnyaTika

                                                                                                                I noticed you are in Atlanta (or are from ATL). I'm from PA but have lived in Charlotte for the past 15 yrs. I have never, in my many years of living in the south, experienced folks as genuinely kind, friendly and interesting as the locals I encountered in NOLA. Strike up a conversation with a local and they will gladly give you the inside scoop on what's good and how to get there.

                                                                                                                I'd tell ya to have a blast, but I don't need to - you just will. :)

                                                                                                                1. re: lynnlato

                                                                                                                  I agree I went down in October and I am from New York. The people down there were some of the friendliest folks I have ever come across and always willing to provide advice to you on making your trip the best possible in every way.

                                                                                                                  1. re: lynnlato

                                                                                                                    I've been once before. My pops is an avid NOLA lover due to his constant salesman travels years ago. I grew up on red beans and rice and an annual crawfish party my parents hosted which used to mean him and the boys drove down and picked up 100 lbs. themselves. Those are the days of yor as the out of town partying is a little more painful at 60 but they still hire a band every year and we put out the newspaper and hot sauce. Pops makes vats of dirty rice and jambalaya. It's funny, every creole/cajun restaurants I taste outside of NO, the only time I've been, hasn't even compared to my fathers cooking which I'm sure isn't the real deal either. Why is it that restaurants can't nail it unless they're in the state? At least in my experience...

                                                                                                                    Anyhow, I'm older now and my priorities a taaaad different. My tastes have matured.. I can't wait to go back!!

                                                                                                                    1. re: AnyaTika

                                                                                                                      That's awesome. We flew in a massive amount of crawfish last year for our own boil - it was creepy to peer into the big cooler and see hundreds of little 'dads climbing over each other. We didn't have a band tho. :-(

                                                                                                                      It never compares to the real thing, does it? I spent all week making olive salad and muffuletta bread for sandwiches last night and they, of course, paled in comparison. Half the tast is the experience and the environment I guess.

                                                                                                                      Have a blast!

                                                                                                                2. Thanks for a great thread! I've spent a fair amount of time in NOLA post-Katrina on rebuild trips, but am heading down there in ten days just for fun. Have tried Cochon, Jiacomo's, Stella, and Dick and Jenny's - all very good, but hate to return to places because there are so many more to try. No one has mentioned Feelings in Fauborg-Marigny - it was recommended as "romantic" but no one said much about the food. Is it any good?

                                                                                                                  1. Help! Can anyone recommend a few good bars for beer or cocktails that stay open past 10/11PM? Within walking distance of the garden, FQ, CBD, etc. Especially tonight as I would like to steer somewhat clear of the vomit and boobs that I'm sure will ensue this St. Patricks Day night.

                                                                                                                    Thank you!

                                                                                                                    2 Replies
                                                                                                                    1. re: AnyaTika

                                                                                                                      Well it's not food related so it will probably get pulled, but I don't know of a single bar in the city with the exception of the crappy hotel bars) that close by that time. Walk over to the Marigny and hit any of the bars there, but it will more than likely be amateur night all over town with drunks galore. You could always hop on the St Charles streetcar and head to Carrollton and hit Carrollton Station or the maple Leaf, or get of St Charles around Lyons street and walk to a little past Prytania and go to the Kingpin

                                                                                                                      1. re: AnyaTika

                                                                                                                        although I am late, I like The Bombay Club, on Conti at Dauphine. This is a martini bar geared to ADULTS! Usually a nice jazz trio, very classy.

                                                                                                                      2. You know, I see all of these great places, but I missed any mention of the ONE place we have to go anytime we come to NO (assuming it is hot weather). Sal's on Metairie Rd. The quintessential NO snoball! What more can I say?

                                                                                                                        1. So many choices...but Commander's is a must. Luke and Domenica are my faves lately...and of course, K-Pauls. And Felix's over acme every time, right? Miss Bon Ton, haven't been in a long while...fun local lunch.

                                                                                                                          Bon Ton Cafe
                                                                                                                          401 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

                                                                                                                          123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

                                                                                                                          1. I always recommend Irene's Cuisine, on St. Philip in the quarter. You will never get a bad meal -- median priced and typically New Orleans. I believe their duck is the best I have ever had. You will need a reservation -- if Miss Irene is there, she is a delight. The tables are close together but worth the meal. I am not a fan of Commanders -- overpriced -- same with Restaurant August. However, Susan Spicer's restaurant, Bayona, is fabulous. She is a dynamic chef and just opened up another placed in Lakeview. Good luck!

                                                                                                                            Restaurant August
                                                                                                                            301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

                                                                                                                            430 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70112

                                                                                                                            Irene's Cuisine
                                                                                                                            539 Saint Philip St, New Orleans, LA 70116

                                                                                                                            1 Reply
                                                                                                                            1. re: pharmlady

                                                                                                                              re Irene's: one should be warned Irene's mgmt. will not overburden the kitchen so guests should be prepared to wait. but it's worth it, (2+ hours for me once w/o res) BTW I agree, that's some PHENOMENAL duck.