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Sep 14, 2009 05:25 PM

Halal buffets in Calgary

Someone who will be visiting Calgary asked if we have any halal buffets. I didn't know but thought I'd ask my fellow 'Hounds and see if I can help them out. Anyone know of any?

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  1. Try this Indian lunch buffet - very inexpensive only $9.99/person - home-cooked food

    Dixi's Choices Cafe Bistro
    705 5 Street SW
    Calgary, AB T2P 1V8

    I think Raj Palace might also be halal.

    Raj Palace
    731 - 6th Avenue SW
    Calgary, AB T2P 0T9
    (403) 205-3672
    (403) 234-9954

    Another restaurant is Taj Mahal:

    Taj Mahal
    4816 MacLeod Trail SW
    Calgary, AB T2G 0A8
    (403) 243-6362

    1. Sahara has a lunch buffet M-F which is delicious and is 100% halal. I actually prefer the buffet to the a la carte menu there- something about being able to dive into a platter of hummous and matlouba is like a dream for me.

      As makan notes, there are Indian buffets that are halal. I don't know about the buffets but would take makan's suggestions as good ones: additionally it's not a buffet but Tiffin's is Ismaili-owned and is as such halal too. They serve thalis in-house that are very good value with lots of food in them.

      1. For downtown lunch, Ganga (200 block 8th Ave SW) is halal Pakistani/Indian, and not too bad, with loads of desserts. (I took Arabic once a couple of years ago, and "halal" is the only word I recognise.)

        I'd assume Sahara is halal as well; haven't been there in a while, but my coworkers were there recently (shortly before Ramadan) and really enjoyed it. They do a Lebanese lunch buffet, which is a great way to do mezze for only one or two people.