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Sep 14, 2009 04:59 PM

Time for an Ottawa and region board?

I am really disappointed that this board includes so little information about Ottawa and eastern Ontario. I was really hoping to find and exchange information about Ottawa restaurants, fine food purveyors, wine bars, etc. but this board is so Toronto-centric. I love Toronto - don't get me wrong - but this board was supposed to be Ontario including Toronto, but perhaps it should be renamed as Toronto, including a little bit about the rest of Ontario!

I think maybe it's time for an Ottawa and region board. Am I alone in this?


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  1. I have to agree. Unless you want information about Toronto, this board is 99% useless: any posts about the rest of Ontario get landslided by Toronto posts. This is why I always recommend, which is entirely Ottawa centric. It would be fantastic, however, for Ottawa to have a substantial Chowhound presence.

    1. I have to agree this board is very Toronto-centric. But there's no rule saying Ottawanians (Ottawanites?) can't post here about the food scene in Ottawa and region. The reason the board is so much about Toronto is because there's a large Toronto contingent posting. For whatever reason, Ottawa foodies haven't jumped in here much; they could easily fill the bandwidth with their own local info. Perhaps it's because of the site vorpal posted. If you already have a site with a large following, your Ottawa neighbours are probably not looking to Chow to fill that need. Just a thought.

      1. Please see: for why we're not really accepting suggestions for new boards.

        For Ottawa posters, we'd encourage you to post away on the Ontario board. We recommend including [Ottawa] or something similar in your title when you do, so that other Ottawa posters can easily spot the threads that are of interest to them.

        1. I joined CH about seven years ago when there was only one CANADA board, and back then if you wanted any discussion outside of the holy TO-VAN-MTL trinity you were SOL. Even if you posted something about, say, Calgary (where I am), the board format swallowed those threads up in a crushing wave of yet more "only cities that matter" discussion. When the boards were divided regionally, it helped, but speaking for Western Canada, there was the danger that it, like the W Can board at egullet, would be "all Vancouver, all the time." Even now we have to remind posters from time to time that this is not the Vancouver board and that they should put some geographic identifiers in posts.

          Now I am happy to say that Calgary is actually the best-represented city, some times, on Western Canada, but this happened because of the diligent work of a small coterie of Calgary forumers- we just posted a lot and talked to friends about Chow and promoted it as we could in our city. So you have to keep at it. Ottawa does indeed have an interesting and diverse food scene but it takes lots of effort to sell its presence here- good luck!