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Sep 14, 2009 03:24 PM

Help with fun and yummy yet inexpensive dining for a group of around 20...

Heading to Chicago to celebrate a birthday and will need a good place for a casual dinner. Group of 20ish people, some children. Definitely want delicious food and great atmosphere, as some haven't ever been to chicago before (can you believe it??)

One friend recommended Decero Taqueria, and it seems great to me! Just looking for confirmation of that suggestion or some other ones.

No particular desire for a certain kind of food..just don't want to do the pizza thing.

Any area close to the Loop or Magnificent mile will work....thanks!!

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  1. de cero is a personal favorite for excellent, creative tacos, and great margaritas. I don't recall seeing children, so not sure if they have some sort of kid's menu. They do have taco platters (where you choose the specific filling you want) which would be excellent for big groups. It is in the West Loop area. So depending on where everyone is and car, it's a short cab ride from Loop or Mag Mile.

    De Cero Taqueria
    812 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607

    1. while i don't know of any close to the loop, i would do ethiopian for dinner. it is always great for groups and always cheap. many places are also byob. otherwise, greektown is also reasonably priced and close to the loop.

      1. How about Chinese? Recently celebrated a friend's birthday at Phoenix. They have different banquet menus for different budgets. We had 8 courses for 10 people, tons of food and leftovers. The place itself is so so, but you don't go to Chinatown for ambience. For a Sunday night, the place was packed. There were 3 birthday parties just in our section of the restaurant.

        Phoenix Restaurant
        2131 S Archer Ave # 2, Chicago, IL