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Sep 14, 2009 02:56 PM

Resto/bar/lounge for 30 professional students?

Hey guys, any advice for something not too expensive (can get out for $25-30) that can accomodate a fairly large group of people? BYOB would be a bonus!

I was thinking something like Casa Tapas. What are the prices like there? I reiterate that these are students, so something exorbitantly expensive is not ideal.

I was thinking Casa Tapas, and then heading down to Le Lab for drinks afterward. What do you guys think?

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  1. You could head to Bond for food AND drinks. It's on Fairmount, west of St-Laurent. The place is nice and the food is good. You can either share tapas style or have a complete meal.

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    1. re: Em24

      That sounds like a good bet... will the place accomodate 30 people for food... and some mixing?

      1. re: sockhead

        Yes last time I was there they had a group of about 25 and there was still room for the other patrons.

    2. La Cabane on St-Laurent is a big room with good casual grub and cheap suds. Copacabana also has a good kitchen, dirt cheap drinks, and lots of room (and pool table).

        1. It should be noted that the cocktails at Le Lab are $9.50. They are amazing and totally worth it however you did mention that price is a consideration.

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            but.. you can play JENGA against the bartender!!! To be honest with you, if price is a consideration when it comes to drinks, i would recommend bars, like reservoir or le barouf. The beer and drinks a a tad cheaper

          2. Thanks guys, figured it out.