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Resto/bar/lounge for 30 professional students?

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Hey guys, any advice for something not too expensive (can get out for $25-30) that can accomodate a fairly large group of people? BYOB would be a bonus!

I was thinking something like Casa Tapas. What are the prices like there? I reiterate that these are students, so something exorbitantly expensive is not ideal.

I was thinking Casa Tapas, and then heading down to Le Lab for drinks afterward. What do you guys think?

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  1. You could head to Bond for food AND drinks. It's on Fairmount, west of St-Laurent. The place is nice and the food is good. You can either share tapas style or have a complete meal.

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      That sounds like a good bet... will the place accomodate 30 people for food... and some mixing?

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        Yes last time I was there they had a group of about 25 and there was still room for the other patrons.

    2. La Cabane on St-Laurent is a big room with good casual grub and cheap suds. Copacabana also has a good kitchen, dirt cheap drinks, and lots of room (and pool table).

      1. Le Lab is kind of small.

        1. It should be noted that the cocktails at Le Lab are $9.50. They are amazing and totally worth it however you did mention that price is a consideration.

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            but.. you can play JENGA against the bartender!!! To be honest with you, if price is a consideration when it comes to drinks, i would recommend bars, like reservoir or le barouf. The beer and drinks a a tad cheaper

          2. Thanks guys, figured it out.