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Sep 14, 2009 02:41 PM

West 39th Bistro, Longbranch

Has anybody tried this? How was it?
What's the menu like?
What are the prices?

Thanks in advance?

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  1. I'm equally curious, but haven't been yet.
    A few users mention West 39th Bistro in this link:

    1. Going for Winterlicious first week of Feb. Will report back.
      Menu for Winterlicious looks great and very reasonable

      1. Hello,

        I just tried this wonderful bistro today at lunch for winterlicious. Exceptional quality for my measely 15 dollar charge. I was happy to spend some money on a great chardonnay from Italy. All 3 dishes were perfect. The service was great and the place was buzzing with happy customers! I wish them all the best.

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          A friend and I went to Winterlicious on Friday night. GREAT menu and value for $25.
          The service is amazing...interesting that is owned, run and serviced by all women.
          It's a tiny place but the vibe and decor are excellent and hip. We got a parking spot right outside.
          We were treated to wonderful warm bread with olive oil dip, the thing that stood out from others that do this is the balsamic was aged and almost at that syrup yum.
          I had beef carpaccio starter that was good, my friend the salad with butternuts squash and candied nuts. Her's was outstanding.
          Both of us had the short rib beef. A huge hunk of meat which was so tender and flavourful served with amazing mashed potatoes (maybe truffle oil or similiar in them??)
          For dessert I had semi freddo- also very tasty and my friend had bread pudding. It was small servings but to be honest a big serving would have been wasted so glad it was a few bites worth.
          Wine by the glass was decent price ($7-$8) and service was so attentive and although they were doing brisk business it was not a rushed feeling at all.
          Would definitely go back with my husband or friends sometime soon.