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Sep 14, 2009 01:14 PM

Recommendations for purchasing good quality Andouille Sausage?

Anyone have any favorite places to get good quality andouille? I've been scouring at farmers markets (Coolidge, Central, Cambridgeport) and haven't found anything. I'm not too keen on the brands of andoullie that Whole Foods (River St, Brighton) carries.

Any ideas? I haven't tried Savenor's just yet, but if anyone has information on what they have, i'm all ears.

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  1. You might try John Dewer's in Newton Centre or Wellesley. I have never tried their sausages but people rave about Karl's Smokehouse on RT 1 North of Boston (it may be in Saugus...not sure).

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      karl's Sausage Kitchen is on Route 1 North in Saugus. Great place for naturally cured smoke meats.

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          I have to thrid Karl's, not just for their andouille but for everything there. Do call ahead to make sure they have the andouille or what day they make it. I'm sure they'd freeze some for you if you asked, they are terribly nice.

          Karl's Sausage Kitchen
          142 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

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            They do have andouille. Theirs is smoked and the paste remains somewhat spreadable. To my palate I find they seemed undercooked and mentioned it to Karl's, but he claimed that the sausages were cooked through. (I cooked them more, the paste set firmly and they were delicious.)

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              Formaggio used to carry Nodine's smokehouse andouille out of Goshen/Torrington, CT. I always liked those, but I don't know if they still do.

      1. If you are up for a drive, Fowles market in Newburyport has great andouille. They make all their own sausage. Be sure to call ahead as their day to day selection varies.

        1. Russo's sometimes carries D'artagnan's version - pretty good in a jambalaya I made a couple weeks ago

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            Seconding that D'Artagnans is by far the best I've gotten in this area - almost always available at Russo's and sometimes at Savenor's in Cambridge. I need to get to Karl's and Fowles to check out the potential locally-made sources.

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              Thanks for the D'artagnan' tip. Russo's is on my radar screen for this weekend.