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Sep 14, 2009 12:48 PM

Oktoberfest 2009 -HELP not sure what to make the vegetarians !

We are hosting an Oktoberfect party in a few weeks and I am stuck on the menu. I have all the standards down and some no standards too but a few of our friends our vegetarian and I have NO idea what to make them. I have alot of vegetarian receipes but very few that are in the German or Oktoberfest theme. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks !

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  1. Sauerkraut, onions, vegan sausage, spatzle...what were you planning to make for the omnivores?

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    1. re: Caralien

      Jaegerschnitzel, saubraten, dumplings, sauerkraut. fondue, pretzels various dips with breads, some cheeses, and chicken wings ( I know not german but a special request) potato salad and sausages. Not sure what to do for dessert yet but i am thinking beer flavoured ice cream.

      1. re: books

        Jaegerschnitzel & saurbraten, not veg; pick up a package of tvp and soak in same marinade as schnitzel, then bread and pan-fry in similar fashion; Saubraten--get a vegan brat at the store and boil in beer
        Dumplings: veg if cooked in vegetable broth
        Saurkraut: veg
        Fondue: veg, but not vegan
        Pretzles: veg
        Potato salad: veg (not vegan if butter added; traditional to some recipes, not to others; ditto with whether to add speck or bacon--some recipes include, others don't).

        For the beer ice cream, will you be using dried fruit soaked in an Oktoberfest beer? This too would be veg, but not vegan. Actually, a Christmas brew might be better, but that may be too much, as these are generally double-proofed beers!

        It doesn't look like you really should worry about it, as your menu really does already cover food for most!

      1. Pretzels with Liptauer (or Obatzda if you want to be a purist)
        Cheese Spätzle

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        1. re: JungMann

          As a vegetarian myself, I second (or third?) the spaetzle idea. Why not make it with some mushrooms for added flavor? Another option, which I had a veg restaurant in Germany this year, is a mixed vegetable au gratin... Also, Boca Brats are declicious. But only the Boca brand ones, not any of the other brands! :)

          1. re: anakalia

            THANK YOU all so much.... we want to make this a very special night and wanted to make sure that everyone feels included.

            1. re: anakalia

              Curry Boca Brats. Just like currywursts! Yum.

              1. re: funniduck

                Wow, Curry Boca Brats - fabulous! How come I never thought of that? :)

              2. re: anakalia

                And I third (or fourth) the Kase Spätzle idea--topped with soft, fried onions.

            2. I would make red cabbage with apples and onions, something like this recipe, but keep the bacon out:

              All the other ideas are great, too. I just find that some people who don't like sauerkraut really, really like the red cabbage.

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              1. re: Full tummy

                The bacon is what makes that recipe awesome!!!

                1. re: jeanmarieok

                  Have you tried it with a bowl full of bacon or speck on the side? Or using coconut oil (or a similar rich, vegetarian fat?).

                  1. re: jeanmarieok

                    I don't doubt that, but my German mom always makes her potato salad without bacon, and it is pretty awesome, too.

                  2. re: Full tummy

                    FYI I reversed engineered this rotkohl recipe from one that had great sweet and sour balance - the bacon flavor wasn't that evident.

                    Not really German, but I like paprika gravy cooked with small red beans and/or sauerkraut. A tasty balance of (not too) spicy and tangy flavors.
                    Yes, you can substitute good vegetable stock for the chicken/beef.
                    No, you can't leave out the sour cream!