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Sep 14, 2009 12:44 PM

Awesome Baja-Style Fish Tacos, thank you Alex! (San Diego)

A while ago, Alex (kare_raisu) posted a review of a mariscos truck doing what he described as the best Baja-style fish tacos in SD. I've now been a couple of times, and can report that he wasn't kidding - these are some great fish tacos. Nicely fried, on fresh tortillas, with just the right amount of cabbage and white sauce. The salsas on hand are pretty good too, one habanero, and one chile de arbol (I think). They also have raw red onions w/ chilies and black pepper, which add a nice bite to the tacos.

The name of the truck is Mariscos El Pescador. Here's a map to the location:

Definitely worth your time. Fish tacos are only $1.25. I can't think of a better lunch for less than $4.

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  1. Josh, is that Chula Vista? If so, I think that's the same parking lot that has a truck doing Torta Ahogada. Supposed to be the best Torta Ahogada in SD. I know you're not doing the commodity meat bit any more, but if you're so inclined, or have a friend that's so inclined, that truck may also be worth some investigation.

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Yeah, I saw that truck too. Dying to try it. I'm probably going to see if they'll do one without meat.

    2. Josh, you should also check out (if you haven't already) Kiko's taco truck at 35th and El Cajon (NE corner). I think you'd dig it. To my palate it is just like street fish tacos in Ensenada.

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      1. re: jayporter

        Thanks for the tip, I will check it out.

      2. Those sound great. How do they compare to the fried fish tacos at Mariscos German?
        They are only a buck.

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        1. re: jasont

          I don't think I've had the German tacos. I am too distracted by the tostada mixta and marlyn taco.

          1. re: jasont

            Just put down two of the baja-style, and a Gobernador. Have to say, I think their Gobernador gave German a serious run for the money.

            1. re: Josh

              the link on the original post above is to a Toys R US. But I've seen the place written up elsewhere and can probably find it...thanks...

              1. re: millerowski

                It's in the parking lot of the Toys R Us. That was the easiest thing to link to. It's on the eastern edge of the parking lot, on Industrial between L and Moss.

              2. re: Josh

                I'll have to give this place a try sometime. Try the fried fish tacos at German sometime, they are the best I've had so far.

                1. re: jasont

                  I will for sure. My next visit to Mariscos El Pescador is going to be for their tostada mixta. Incredible looking ceviche on there.

            2. This is the only place in SD I have seen offer Choros - Mussels. Thanks for refreshing everyone about the place Josh

              1. Here is the Link to the original post. regarding El Pescador.


                On a side note the owner of Kikos on 35th and University is related to the Owner of Mariscos German. Most of thier tacos are very similar and menus almost identical however I give the edge to German.

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                1. re: Masa Assassin

                  Here's another link you might want to use one day guey while your at it.