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Sep 14, 2009 12:41 PM

Is Spicy Mina's still the best?

I know indian is covered here a lot, but I consulted the board before setting off on saturday to Jackson Heights and went to Mehfil after reading some rave posts. I was pretty disappointed (every dish I tried, even the cashew roll apps, was extremely over salted. Also, not a lot of spice going on).

I'm wondering if anyone has some recent recommendations. Is it still Spicy Mina? Haven't been to Jackson Diner in years because the reviews are pretty mediocre... has it gotten any better? We also love Kebab King, but heard they got rid of the upstairs. I would appreciate hearing your recent faves! Thanks....

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  1. Spicy Mina and Kebab King aren't really Indian (Bangladeshi and Pakistani, respectively).
    If you're willing to do another neighbor of India, I recommend Nepali food at Mustang Thakali Kitchen.

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      Spicy Mina is still great, if you like Bangladeshi (or maybe Bengali) food. As far as Indian food goes, Southern Spice is all the rave.