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Sep 14, 2009 12:40 PM

In need of Silver Spring Rec's

My cousin and her husband just had their third child. I figured in lieu of a baby gift which they probably don't need, I would like to send them a meal or meals. Problem is, I am not from the area and have no idea what options there are in Silver Spring, where they live. Can anyone share suggestions? Take-out, food stores, or even a place where I can put together a gift basket would work. They are pretty healthy eaters and one is lactose intolerant. Thanks.

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  1. Quick, not comprehensive list includes:

    Grocery Stores:

    Whole Foods [gift basket]

    Takoma Park/Silver Spring COOP [Membership or Gift Cert]

    Carnivore heaven meal:
    Ray’s The Classics on Colesville Road at Georgia Avenue
    No website, but New Wine Director promises one in the future
    [much love for it and Virginia siblings on this board]