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Sep 14, 2009 12:37 PM

Sofia on West 66, in Hotel Edison, downstairs at Cache -- anyone been?

I've heard there's a music venue in the Hotel Edison -- not the Edison Ballroom -- where, on Monday nights there's Vince Giordano and the Nlghthawks. I think it's called Cache, and is beneath Sofia's restaurant. Has anyone been there? Is there any food to be had, and is it edible? Thanks

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  1. Sorry to reply so late; I just saw this post.

    BTW, I think your headline must be a typo -- Sofia's club is on West 46th.

    I go as often as I can. The band is phenomenal-- worth every cent of the $15 admission and $15 cover, and there is a good dance floor. Service is comical (I think I've seen water spilled on guests on two visits!) and the bartender may be the worst in the city. Food smelled so bad on my first visit that I've taken to eating beforehand every time I go.

    So please do give it a try, but you're on your own for eating.