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Finally made it to Nickel Diner

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Went Saturday night. Thought the food and service was great. Love the desert tray. Red Velvet cake out of this world.

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  1. Nice to hear. What else did you eat other than the RVC?

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      My husband had the best burger along with corn pancakes. I had Posole soup. We had great conversation with the people sitting next to us. We were all foodies. They also have a homemade ding dong and a cake with nuts and potatoe chips on the desert tray. I place was just a feel good place.I plan on going back soon.

    2. I went for breakfast during the week and was disappointed there were no biscuits & gravy m-f. The hangover omelete I had was kind of bland, a little salt and pepper helped but even with more salsa it was not that great. They should really have the biscuits and gravy 7 days a week, that is a great dish.