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Sep 14, 2009 12:08 PM

Interesting Lemonades

Just had the "Brown Sugar Lemonade" from the Clover Food Lab, the food truck parked on Carleton St. right behind MIT Medical (and steps away from the Kendall/MIT T stop). It was fine, but not particularly remarkable. It wasn't too sweet, and had a very subtle tinge from the brown sugar, but the lemonade itself didn't have a strong flavor. They also had honey lemonade and lavender lemonade (the latter sounded even better, but they were all out when I stopped by right at their closing time of 2 PM). I did like the large chunks of ice.

The lemonade at Wrapro in Cambridge also isn't the very best I've ever had, but it does seem to have a tinge of rose water in it, which does add something special. (If only I could get them to add ice!)

Of course, the rosewater lemonade at Baraka Cafe in Central Square Cambridge is as fantastic as its reputation would indicate, and is much more strongly flavored (with rosewater, rose petals, and some other spices).

I hate to heap any praise upon Legal Seafoods, one of my least favorite restaurants, but their Arnold Palmer (half-lemonade/half-iced tea) is one the very best versions I've had. I think because they put it on the menu, someone has tested the proportions carefully, and if one dares to order this most other places what you get is very hit-or-miss.

I must also say that I like the mojito lemonade at Cosi is pretty good, although the mint is not actually muddled, and the whole thing is a tad sweet, but definitely a step up from most lemonades.

Any other interesting lemonades, or truly fresh squeezed lemonades, lurking about?

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  1. i don't know if it's still on the menu but i liked the ginger lemonade at chilli garden in medford. the honey lemonade at lollicup in allston is good too

    1. There's a lavender lemonade for $1 per cup at the Davis Square Farmer's market on Wednesdays. It's tasty.

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        I'll second this -- very tasty. The same farm (they sell herbs and potted plants, mostly) are also at the Harvard University Farmer's Market (Tuesdays) and the Union Square Farmer's Market (Saturdays).

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          I believe this farm is Gilson's Herb Lyceum and they are/were also in Copley and Gov't Center

      2. ginger lemonade at Whole Foods. Served in the coffee bar area.

        1. I typically just like straight up lemonade and Legal is good for that too. Two other places where the lemonade is better then the food are Naked Fish and Not Your Average Joes.

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            as a former charles square server i can assure that was dumb luck, or a conscientious waitperson. from concentrate lemonade + iced tea in proportions determined by the pourer.

          2. order a "fresh lime soda" at any vietnamese restaurant. it's simply fresh lime juice, soda water, and sugar. Delicious and SO refreshing. Try it 'salted' as well.

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              Yep, what I was thinking. Both are good, the salty one an acquired taste but fantastic too.