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Sep 14, 2009 11:56 AM

Where can I find great Pad Thai in San Diego?

Hi everybody! I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find really good Pad Thai. Help!!!

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  1. Everyone has their own opinions, but I like Safron Thai, on India Street.

    1. Saffron is very good- not the typically "watered-down" version at most Thai places. They include the dried shrimp and smoky tofu that is often omitted. The only problem is the noodles- usually par-cooked and then cooked again to order and can come out as a big block of sticky noodles. Sab-e-Lee, on the other hand, also makes a pretty perfect plate, and the seasoning liquid/noodle ratio is perfect- never the over-sticky result that Saffron has perfected.

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        "can come out as a big block of sticky noodles"

        I noticed that too.

        1. I like Spices in Del Mar. There's one in Rancho Bernardo too

          1. Lanna Thai in Pacific Beach - has some of the city's best Thai Food - a real hidden gem next to the infamous Sushi Ota. And really reasonable prices.

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              I went there once about 2 years ago. The only thing I remember was that the food was ok, but the prices were a little high. IMO, Sab E Lee gives you more flavorful food for cheaper.

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                I tried Lanna this month as Karinya closed in PB which I loved. It's a cute little place with nice staff but the food was mediocre. Three of the four of us who went didn't think their dishes were anything more than ok. The pad thai at Saffron is definitely better.

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                Infamous?? Ota's not my favorite sushi bar, but I've never heard anything terrible about it What gives?