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Sep 14, 2009 11:37 AM

Winter Park Dinner

Looking for a great dining experience in Winter Park. We prefer local/sustainable and want our meats to be as local as possible, grass fed and chemical free (or we go vegetarian). Aside from that, we eat ALL kinds of food, and would like a sit down, likely table-clothed kind of place. Price is not an issue. Good wine list appreciated. Can you point me in a good direction?

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  1. Ravenous Pig or Luma on Park and my two favorite restaurants in Orlando, and both are in Winter Park. Both meet you description, with RP maybe doing a little more local/sustainable food or the two.

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        don't forget if you are going to Ravenous Pig to try out the Orlando Magical Dining Month menu for September, trust me you will save alot of money as I went there recently and saw how much money I would have saved if i went this month instead =\ it is pretty good!

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          Sadly, we won't be there until October!

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        Was to the Ravenous Pig this week with a few friends. Started with the Gruyere biscuits, they were wonderful (still never keep up with the ones from the Loveless Cafe in Nashville, but no one ever will). Then we shared the Charcouterie. The house made pickles were actually a surprising high point on the board. That said, the pork cheek with the toad in the hole guanciale was outstanding. The pork terrine was wonderful, salty, savory, and with wonderful hints of herb. One of my table mates ordered the steak frite. the steak was perfect, though the truffled fries had only a weak hint of truffle. My other table mate gave in to the temptation of the hamburger which was perfectly seasoned, cooked, and had a beautiful presentation with more of those great house made pickles. I had the Veal Sweetbreads with the chanterelle mushrooms, truffle gnocchi, and leek pure. On the up side the sweetbreads were perfect, crispy outside, smooth and soft inside. ( I ordered it because offal is always a good test of a chef.) The gnocchi, unlike the fries, had a wonderful truffle flavor, wasn't too heavy like gnocchi can get...though a bit over seasoned, Unforfunately the leek pure' was lukewarm by the time I got my plate. This is a shame, because it had a wonderful flavor, but with the combination of the texture with the temperature it lost some of it's luster. Eaten all together all the elements of the plate were entirely harmonious with all the elements playing together almost perfectly. My table mates both ordered desert, but neither seemed outstanding.

        Our waiter was clear that the Ravenous Pig is the best restaurant in Orlando and I have to admit, I agree. Though it may sound like I was being a bit critical, I came to the pub expecting perfection and they came as close to delivering as I have encountered lately.
        On a scale of 1-10: Ambiance 8, Service 9.5 (lost .5 for being a weeeee bit pretentious) Flavor 9 (had the gnocchi been just a little bit more delicately seasoned you would have gotten a 9.5, no loss for a lackluster desert, I never expect haute cuisine and decent pastry in the same place) plating 7 (nothing to write home about) originality 7.5 (the chefs are good, but no Wylie Dufresne) ........ Bonus points for localvore panache with local ingredients, and green points for sustainability,

      3. Cafe118 in Winter Park is a great raw vegan restaurant.

        1. Hello Florida Hounds! I just wanted to thank you for the recommendations. We just got back from our Fri-Sat-Sun. Sadly, we did not get to try the Ravenous Pig - they were closed for a private party on Friday, Saturday we had a wedding and they are closed Sunday. Friday we went to Luma on Park and had a truly excellent meal. We decided to go the small plates route and were not disappointed! Beet salad, Fennel and fig salad, yellow tail crudo, gnocci, blue cheese and marscapone ravioli, oysters, Foie gras parfait with waffles and jam, brussel sprouts (side dish), truffled mashed potatoes and a couple other things I can't recall. There were four of us and we each ordered a glass of red and a glass of white wine and shared everything - it was fantastic! four different scotches along with dessert capped the evening. You all made me look like a genius - we talked about that meal the rest of the trip. Sunday there isn't much open in Winter Park, but we had a pretty good meal at Chez Vincente. Again, thanks for the help - I'll definitely go back to Luma if I find myself in the neighborhood again and hopefully I'll be able to get to the RP as well! Give a yell if you come to Philadelphia and I'll return the favor!

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            Nice. Chez Vincent has awesome Crepe-Mere-Poulet