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Sep 14, 2009 11:27 AM

Dinner/breakfast recommendations for a very brief trip to Madrid

I'm traveling for work next week and I'll be in Madrid for what amounts to be 24 hours (blame my client for this - they want me in another city the day before, and a different city the day after). I've never been to Spain before so I'm going to squeeze in what I can.

I'm looking for a recommendation for dinner on Tuesday night - will be at my hotel around 9:30 - and then an early breakfast on Weds morning before my meetings. I'm staying at the Hotel Wellington. Happy to take a 10-15 minute cab ride if needed, though let me know if there are options within walking distance and the neighborhood is fine for walking at that time (I live in NYC to give you a frame of reference of what I'm used to). From what I've seen the hotel neighborhood is fairly upscale.

I saw a recommendation for Etsay from a recent trip report which is on calle Hermosilla 46 and close to my hotel. Would that be a good option for dinner? Any other recommendations? Would like to keep the meal to be no more than 40-50 euro total if possible (including a glass of wine).

Also would like a recommendation for breakfast...I was hoping for churros and hot chocolate, also within walking distance from my hotel if possible.

Thanks very much in advance. Promise that I will visit and see Madrid properly another time.

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  1. For breakfast, there's the pastry shop, Mallorca, with two locations--c/Velázquez 59 and c/Serrano 6. I don't think they do churros in house (though I could be wrong, I never go there in the morning), but they do have lots of other snacks. Chocolatería Jorge Juan (on calle Jorge Juan 12) is just a few blocks away and has chocolate con churros/porras. A bit further is Chocolatería Valor at c/Conde de Peñalver 43

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      Thanks butterfly. Hope to make it to one of these locations on Weds morning before my meetings. Any idea of the restaurant for dinner I mentioned - Estay?